Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 25: June 2015 - December 2015

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Love that navy coat pity DofC didn't take a leaf out of Mary's book and groom her hair in such a simple yet sophisticated manner IMO naturally love the colour also.
:previous: I would have to agree. I would be hard pushed to see a royal lady at an engagement with her hair all over the place (except DofC). Madeleine has been the greatest proponent of hair down, but never over her face. I don't know whether they use half a can of hairspray and half a ton of hairpins, the people come to see said royal, not Cousin It and for the most part, they are not disappointed.

On a personal note, I love the shorter length on Mary . . . just so long as there is enough to set a tiara on it.
I don't think the people who go to see the Doc are disappointed by her hair they come to see and meet her. The people on here are the ones who always disappointed and want he to change her hair.
Mary's hair did not not look good here, IMO. Orangey and looked messy and interfering with great collar to that navy coat
I love the oat. It's classy, and looks great on Mary.

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Interesting outfit for a gala premiere but I do like it.
I guess this was not a formal royal event she is just a guest at the premiere.
It does not seem like something official just like she went to see a movie with friends.
The grey coat is beautiful.

She looks nice. I like the jacket.
October 28, 2015 - Mary in a printed new dress with hair pulled up.

Interesting dress and print, like the sleeves but the fit makes look bigger than she is. I like her hair, looks neat and pretty.

Full view ** Close up
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these pictures are lovely. Beautiful Mary :flowers:

Nice dress perfect for the event.
Polyesco I have a complaint about you. Before few days you want another coat also dressed Mary so this is mine.:)lol:)

:lol::lol: ok ok I'll share ;)
They were both beautiful blue coats
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I dislike the print but love her hairstyle.
Wow, love everything about this look! Great hair.
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Very 50's look not crazy about the dress but I love the coat.
Mary looks very pretty today, I like the dress for this time of the year.
I am surprised about the hairstyle at this event, absolutely beautiful and much better than on some evening/gala appearances.
Lovely!! Love the dress and coat.. very elegant.
the detailing in the dress is indeed very nicely done. i like the deep blue of the coat, but somehow i am not keen on that hairstyle.
I have to say that I am not too fond of that piece of hair falling on Mary's forehead. It takes away from the look.
:previous: I have to agree. There is nothing more irritating than seeing a strand of hair falling out of and updo. When it's an accident, well that's life, but when it is artifice it's a royal pain. Either way it is an eye-catcher and I do believe it's meant to be that way.

There you go, it's so darned riveting I had to go back and look at her ensemble again. Good grief, I missed those gorgeous earrings!

I love the dress. It looks very elegant with its open "spots" around the neck and cuffs and I have to admit I enjoy the longer lengths because it allows for more design flair in the skirt which, in this case, looks to be gored.

Which leads us to her beautiful coat. It's such a beautiful colour and its style, with collar and reveres and it's turned back cuffs, it perfectly showcases the open work at the neck and wrist. The gathered look skirt and the length to cover the dress make it look very feminine without being fussy.

Her accessories are perfect for the ensemble.
What a fabulous look. The coat is perfect, taffeta I think with a good length and nice cut. Her hair was very nicely done except for the big lock in the way! The dress looked very nice on her, love the cut and the interesting pattern with the cut outs. I wish the dress could have been the color of the coat. Great earrings too.
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