Norway’s Royal Couple visited Hordaland

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King Harald V and his wife Queen Sonja paid a visit to Hordaland between June 16th and 18th, 2009. The couple visited Tysnes, Austevoll, Fedje, Austrheim, Lindås and Radøy.

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There was already a visit planned to this region in 2005, but it was cancelled due to the King’s illness. Hordaland is the third largest county in Norway, after Askerhus and Oslo in population. You can read more about the region here.

During the trip, the Royal Couple used the Royal Yacht “Norge” to travel to the different cities. The Couple started their vist in Tysnes where they visited the “Galleri G”, after being officially welcomed. In the Gallery you can see an exhibition of nature photographies made by Queen Sonja herself. Later they visited a nursing home and the “Tysneshall”.

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Afterwards the “Norge” sailed to Austevoll where the King and Queen contined their visit. You can read more about the first day here.

On the second day the King and Queen visited Fedje, Lindås and Austrheim. They visited the Mongstad oil refinery the town of Lindås and Håkonshaugen. You can read more about the 2nd day in Hordaland here.

On the 3rd day they visited Radøy, where they finished their visit. They visited an emigration center there.

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