Prince Boris and Prince Beltran of Bulgaria

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The new Heir to the Throne of Bulgaria, HRH Prince Boris of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, is only 17. Does he speak Bulgarian? Is he really known in the country?

What does it matter? There is no "Throne of Bulgaria" so whether or not Boris speaks the language is irrelevant. He is just a fantasy heir and I imagine the citizens of Bulgaria could not care less about him.
He is the Heir of the King of the Bulgarians. Who told you the Bulgarians are indifferent towards the Royal Family and the Monarchy?

HRH Prince Boris seems to be a very serious and intelligent young man.
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The late Prince Kardam's eldest son will be Crown Prince. The rest is absolutely irrelevant. If there is a chance for restoration, he will learn the language.
Prince Boris is already in college? what are you studying?
Princess Miriam attended the memorial service for 'the duke of Medinaceli' in the church of Jesus de Medinaceli in Madrid.

Miriam de Bulgarie à l'hommage au duc de Medinaceli - Noblesse & Royautés

I am not sure if Don Luis, the eldest son of the late duchess Victoria-Eugenia of Medinaceli actually ever became duke of Medinaceli, as the article names him. I believe that title went to the Hohenlohe's and is now contested by the late Duchess' 3rd son Ignacio, who is married to a Princess from the house of Brazil.
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Princess Miriam visit the sculpture exhibition in Saatchi gallery in London


Princess Miriam with Prince Boris attends at the inauguration of the The Artist Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa new exhibition "Penumbra: Textured Shadow, Colored Light" at the Saatchi Gallery in London

"Green Park. Autumn in London"

Princess Miriam in autumn at London
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Princess Miriam visit the Arco Art Fair in Madrid

Princess Miriam attend at the Mayte Spinola Awards, Pro Arte and Culture Foundation and receive an award for her father-in-law, King Simeon, for his philanthropic work

Princess Miriam visit the Exhibition Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light at the National Gallery with private tour guided by Blanca Pons-Sorolla, painter’s great granddaughter.
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Princess Miriam was an official guest at the ceremony which was awarded the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation's 2019 Art Prize and the First 355 Film Prize, on 17 April at the Military Club in Sofia, Bulgaria


"Bye bye Luxemburg" from Princess Miriam and Duchess of Braganza.
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The article says that her sons both live in London, so a move does make sense in that respect as well. Apparently she sold her house in Madrid and now has an appartment there.
Princess Miriam is in Seville for the Feria and take the opportunity to visit the cathedral of the city.

Princess Miriam was member of the jury for the best perfume at the Perfume Academy today in Madrid

Princess Miriam on the cover of the EVA magazine Bulgaria!

Princess Miriam at the Award ceremony of the Perfume Academy Awards 2019.

Princess Miriam at the Manolo Blahnik party, Spring Summer 2020, in London Fashion Week Men's, on 10 June Kalina&folder=London Fashion Week Men's
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Princess Miriam congratulated his son Boris, The Prince of Turnovo who's graduating from UAL Wimbledon College of Arts majoring in Fine Arts Sculpture in a few days. He has his degree show up until 22nd of June.
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Princess Miriam congratulating her son Boris in a post after finishing his degree in Art major in Fine Arts Sculpture at the University of the Arts London- Wimbledon College of Arts. On the second photo, we can also see his youngest son Beltrán.


Prince Boris posted a very meaningful message after graduating at UAL.


Princess Miriam with her friend and client Elena Cué Cortina flaunting one of her creations from her recent jewelry collection.

Visit the official website of M DE U Jewelry l Designed by Miriam de Ungría using the link below:

M DE U Jewelry Official Website
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