Prince Kardam seriously injured in Madrid car accident, August 2008

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Is there still no news about Prince Kardam's health?
It has been a while now since there was news from the hospital...
Does not sound good that no one said he is out of the coma. It has been 2 months since the accident.
Point de Vue had mentioned that he is slowly coming out of his coma. Hopefully he will recover fully from this.
Marengo the avatar is so sweet..
Bulgaria Prince Kardam is Out of Coma: Bulgaria Prince Kardam is Out of Coma

Good news. God works miracles!

The Madrid Doce de Octubre Hospital hospital where Kardam is currently listed, reports that the Prince had not yet regained his speech and movement.
Kardam's brother Kiril, who has arrived from London with his wife Rosario to visit his sibling further said that Kardam was blinking his eyes, but the doctors were not yet able to say if he can hear when people speak to him.

Miriam would undergo yet another surgery of her arm in order to regain full mobility.
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I am not sure if it was at the Herald Tribune but there was an article that P Kardam communicates with his family with facial expressions. It said he cannot move his hands but responds to his family. That would be such a miracle. It has been more than 3 months since the accident.
any news about kardam? it has been such a long time...
Has anyone heard of current news on the prince? Has his condition improved or is he at least awake now?
Last thing one translated for me from a Spanish magazine was that he communicated with his family through facial movements but his hands were not moving. Apparently he came out of the coma. This was published a month ago. I am checking but nothing new from the family was announced since.
From the Sofia news agency:

Bulgaria Prince Kardam Out of Hospital with Improved Health Condition

9 January 2009, Friday

The Bulgarian Prince Kardam is out of the hospital and his condition is slowly improving, sources close to the family reported.


Kardam is currently at home and has been responding well to physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures. With great effort on his part he is now able to stand up and to communicate with his wife Miriam Ungria and his children, the same sources further state.

Miriam is constantly on his side and is convinced that Kardam has entered a new stage of his treatment with positive results.


Read the entire article here.

Great news! Thank you for the article Marengo!
This is wonderful news, I wondered how the Prince was getting on as there had been no news for a while. Thanks for posting the update Merango.
it's nice to know he is out of hospital. it must have been a tough last 6 months for the whole family and his children. i wonder what his condition actually is and whether the press has been exaggerating about the rehabilitation he has to endure.
That's great news! It's good to hear that he's out of the hospital and is finally at home with his wife and children! :)
I guess this is a good news...
It was thanks to an interview by Kardam´s wife, Miriam Ungria, to the mag "Semana" published 3 days ago that the news agency Novite knew Prince Kardam can talk now. Miriam Ungria says also that she takes her husband around their house in his weelchair.

She blames Internet for terrorizing their children and friends.
I let here the link for the interview in Spanish:
Reportaje SEMANA
Thank you for the article, it is good to know that prince Kardam is recovering, albeit slowly. Do you know in what way 'the internet' terrorized the couple's children and friends?
Hoping that very soon Prince Kardam will be completely restored to health.
Do you know in what way 'the internet' terrorized the couple's children and friends?

Miriam Ungria cannot remenber the circunstances of the accident.....I suppose it makes things sour for her having to answer to friends who, maybe, ask her if Prince Kardam was driving too fast.
She says she had enough to deny the same infomations over and over again.
I am happy to hear that Prince Kardam utter his first words and hope that he will make a complete recovery soon.
It's been just over a year since Kardam's accident. Is there any more news about how he is doing?
hello,everyone!I'm from Bulgaria and this is really awful and I hope that he will be better soon!
sorry for this maybe he is better-it been over a year....
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I'm glad he's recovering, even if it's taken over a year. :flowers:
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