Prince and Princess of Asturias's Visit to the United States: June 20-23, 2012

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In all fairness, the same might be said of some posters who seem unable to take an objective look at Letizia, and no matter her wardrobe or facial expression always say how marvelous or pleased as punch she looks.:flowers:

Objective ? ;) Who is supposed to be objective ? One's objective could the other's subjective, right ? Bottom line it's only an observation, happens in every section of this forum, only one's opinion to begin with.

They both certainly dont look thrilled in these pictures, rather petulant. Its been a long trip and its not nice to be away from the kids on a weekend.

Those look like paparazzi pictures. Why were they standing outside a building ? Waiting ?
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The Spanish monarch was in New York on an official state visit, unaccompanied by her husband, Prince Felipe, who stayed in Spain at the last minute.

Wow, does the journalist even have a remote clue about what he or she is writing???

Maybe you should tweet her :D

Is it just me or does Letizia seem a bit subdued at the moment? Kind of like she's there in body, but her mind is somewhere else. I hope there's nothing wrong.
Where did she show less interest at Univsion than Felipe ? Nobody can smile in every single picture, you could always find a particular picture or clip to criticize any royal at any given event.
Can't believe some posters were making same same boring chain reactions without even looking at the pictures.

Sorry, I wasn't criticizing. Just mentioning that it seemed like HRH looked a bit pensive. It very could have been my mistake. I was taking a look at some of the pictures posted earlier in this thread.
Is it just me or does Letizia seem a bit subdued at the moment? Kind of like she's there in body, but her mind is somewhere else. I hope there's nothing wrong.

It's not just you:)
The Princess looks very bright and healthy. Good to see that.
Beyond Soccer: The Poignance (and Royalty) of Spain’s Soft Power

The Spanish Bourbons have their fair share of controversy but crown prince Felipe and his wife show that the Spanish brand isn’t limited to the football pitch

Beyond Soccer: The Poignance (and Royalty) of Spain

The "soft power" of the Prince and Princess

"A magnetic couple." That's how the prestigious U.S. magazine "Time" has described the Prince and Princess of Asturias in a recent article following his U.S. tour.

El «poder suave» de los Príncipes

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agree! she's skinny but very very pretty and charming. She's very nice too, I really like her
Letizia is skinny. Just her build. She always reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Same frame and slight build.
Thank you for the article link, lula – I found it an interesting reading. A few points jumped out at me;

<<Both are excellent with small talk—as the Manhattan party proved—able to switch from subject to subject in Castilian and English with easy fluency.>>

Apparently the Time’s reporter, someone without an axe to grind, has confirmed what many of us have been saying for years – Letizia is perfectly fluent in English.

<<But the crown prince and princess too are part of the soft-power strategy of Spain. That was why they were in New York, part of a quiet tour of the U.S. northeast. In Manhattan, the hundred people at the party in the Cervantes Institute were a select audience susceptible to their brand of royalty: prominent leaders of the Hispanic community in the U.S., an audience well aware of their own historical links to Spain on various levels — politics, culture and even descent. >>

<<Strengthening links is crucial at this time. Spain is in the middle of a wrenching economic crisis, part of the struggling experiment of European monetary union. Royalty—and the way it can embody common history and culture—is a way to glue Spain and its overseas interests together. The financial network is widespread and intricate (Spain is the 11th largest investor in the U.S.; and Latin America remains a growth market for Spanish goods and services.>>

<<< Royalty is a simple way to package that complexity.>>>>

I think as Spaniards, many of us can agree with these points. The SRF is an important social and economic link between Spain, Latin America and America itself.

<<<Juan Carlos would emerge as one of the most unlikely and inspiring heroes of 20th century freedom, defying an attempted military coup that sought to subvert Spain’s fledgling post-Franco democracy. Using his influence—both as sovereign and heir to a military dictator–he kept the army in its barracks and, after the threat had subsided, he reigned but did not rule, leaving the politics and government to the politicians, including a number of Socialists. Juan Carlos was also king over a Spain that would go on to enjoy three decades of economic growth and cultural splendor. >>>

I lived the transition from dictatorship to democracy in Spain. I didn’t read it on a book - I was in Madrid, outside Congress while it was hijacked. Those days gave me a lifetime appreciation for the politics of a King loving his country – JC. It also made me the monarchist that I am today – although not at all costs.:D
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Thanks Lula

What I particularly like is the fact that the article highlighted the amount of hard work that the couple puts. Letizia impressed by her brilliant questions and genuine interest and knowledge.

This should lay to rest her the argument that is often put forth that she is just an appendage to Felipe and does not work. All she has to do is show up at an event and make simple small talk.

This article along with many in the spanish press have repeatedly been impressed by the knowledge of the princes. And this knowledge does not come without lots of preparation.

Really proud of the couple
jjkg, I'm just happy to read an article talking about Letizia's brain instead of her clothes.

A few extracts of the interview with Howard Chua-Eoan, news editor of Time ..

He states .. "to be absolutely fascinated by them. They were patient hosts, offering their best smile. Both are excellent, and perform their duties to perfection. They have a lovely and enjoyable conversation both in English and Spanish. Despite not being known by Americans at large, the Prince and Princess of Asturias, got in the table of most influential American families."

He refers to Letizia as .."Elegant, bright, charismatic, charming and confident ... " He goes on to say....

"I loved her from head to toe. I don't want to insist how attractive she is because what really drove me crazy was her insighfulness. She asked brilliant questions and seemed genuinely interested in all issues disscussed during the meeting with the Press. "

I'm really proud of them too. They represent what a monarchy in the XXI century should be about - intelligent, hard working, austere, and dedicated to their country.
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jjkg, I'm just happy to read an article talking about Letizia's brain instead of her clothes.

I like it as refreshing in the middle of all the gossips we have to read constantly...:whistling:
And that´s coming from a Times´editor, I guess it isn´t like if he ever talked to intelligent and interesting people...Honestly, I didn´t expected that an American journalist could be surprised by F&l supposed "brightness", but I´m glad he was.
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