Infanta Elena, Current Events, 12: March 2017 -

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Welcome to The Infanta Elena's Current Events Part 12 ,March 2017-


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Yesterday, April 5, Infanta Elena visited a social project in Paraisopolis, Sao Paulo's second-largest favela, aimed at raising women's awareness about material health, childhood development and social development. The initiative, launched by Israel's Albert Einstein Hospital and the Mapfre Foundation, is designed to benefit thousands of people in two favelas in southern Sao Paulo.

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Yesterday, April 6, Infanta Elena visited the Cultural Catavento Museum in Sao Paulo. A Mapfre programme for road-safety education was presented.

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20-05-2017 Infanta Elena during the Longines global champions tour equestrian championship at Club de Campo in Madrid.

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I see her son,Don Felipe de Marichalar is back from the USA where I believe he was in college.

On February 27 Infanta Elena presided over the delivery of the Mayte Spínola Medals in Madrid. Personalities from the science, art and culture sector get honoured with these prizes.

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Is that queen Margarita of Bulgaria with the Infanta? I also noticed Anne Dowager Duchess of Calabria in the group photos.

Yes, it is! :flowers: She handed out a medal to Prince Charles-Louis de Merode.
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