Fashion for a True Cause: Princess Letizia Attends Fashion Event for the Disabled

  June 24, 2009 at 12:18 pm by

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It could have easily been any other show, but Princess Letizia’s latest outing was not what others would expect of a fashion event.

Nearly two weeks ago the Princess of Asturias inaugurated the II Jornada sobre Moda y Necesidades Especiales, an event organized by the Asociación Nacional Discapacidad y Medios de Comunicación (Adimeco) in collaboration with the Sociedad Estatal para el Diseño.

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This event is a unique one, for it highlights the fashion challenges faced by those who move around in wheelchairs and crutches, those who may have lost limbs, and others who face disabilities that render them unable to do some things that other people normally can. It is not everyday that people think about creating clothes especially for the “differently-abled,” but Princess Letizia’s presence in the inauguration and the words she said in her speech makes it clear that they, too, want to be in step with the world of fashion and one that accommodates their special needs.

The event was held in the Museo del Traje de Madrid and was also participated by the biggest names in Spanish fashion such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Adolfo Dominguez. For more news and pics you can check out this thread at TRF.

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