Prince Andrew Was Mistaken For A Burglar

  September 8, 2013 at 5:41 am by

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Reports have surfaced that Prince Andrew was mistaken for a burglar in Buckingham Palace gardens on Wednesday evening.

This comes two days after there was an actual break in, a man was arrested inside the palace in a major security breach.

The 53 year old royal was stopped in the palace gardens by two armed security guards. A spokesman for Scotland Yard said, “The man was satisfactorily identified. No weapons were drawn and no force was used.”

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5 Responses to Prince Andrew Was Mistaken For A Burglar

  1. Ryan says:

    Who the hell could mistake the Duke of York for a burglar!!?? Buckingham is his home too!!

  2. Chris van epps says:

    Still so good looking

  3. MythR says:

    All well that ends well!

  4. gliglu says:

    He practically is. He has been involves in some shady dealings. Prince Charles is useless and his wife is less than useless.

  5. franknkissy says:

    Scotland Yard now by their tone appear to consider themselves superior to the British Monarchy.

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