The Duchess of Gloucester Turns 67

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The Duchess of Gloucester turned 67 on June 20th. Though a less well known member of the extended British Royal Family, the Duchess was born Birgitte Eva Henriksen in Odense, Denmark on June 20th, 1946.

Later Birgitte moved to the UK and worked in the Danish Embassy in London. On the 8th of July 1972, she married Prince Richard of Gloucester at St Andrew’s Church, Barnwell in Northamptonshire.

Following the death of Richard’s father in 1974, the couple became Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Richard’s older brother, Prince William, was killed in a flying accident in 1972.

The Duke and Duchess have three children: the Earl of Ulster, Lady Davina Lewis and Lady Rose Gilman. The Duke and Duchess both undertake royal duties on behalf of the Queen and are popular faces at most major British royal events.

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4 Responses to The Duchess of Gloucester Turns 67

  1. Robin Webb says:

    I thought her maiden name was van Deurs?

  2. Natalya says:

    Happy Birthday !

  3. An Ard Rí says:

    The Duchess was born Birgitte Eva Henriksen but when her parents seperated,when she then took her mothers maiden name ‘van Deurs’.

  4. Robin Webb says:

    An Ard Ri – thanks!

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