Funeral of Archduke Otto, the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary

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The funeral of Archduke Otto, the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, took place today.

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Before the funeral, several events took place to honor the late Archduke. on 11 July, there was a requiem mass in the Theatinerkirche, which was followed by prayers of Cardinal Marx and a holy mass at Saint John Cantius Church. From 12 july 5 p.m till 13 July 12 noon, Archduke Otto and Archduchess Regiana lied in repose at the Mariazell Basilica. On 13 July at 2 p.m. There was a requiem mass in the Mariazell Basilica. On 14 & 15 July, Archduke Otto and Archduchess Regiana lied in repose at the Kapuzinerkirche. At 3 p.m. there was a requiem mass in St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Today, the funural took place, which was followed by the funeral procession through the inner city of Vienna, which was followed by burial of the Archduke and Archduchess in the Imperial Crypt. Tomorrow, there will be a requiem mass in Budapest and burial of the Urn containing the heart of late Archduke will rest in the Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey.

Archduchess Regina, née Princess of Saxe-Meiningen was reburied with Archduke Otto at the Imperial Crypt.

Among the many Imperial, Royal and Princely guests at the funural were, in addition to the children & grandchildren (and their spouses) of the late Archduke, King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Fürst Hans-Adam and Fürstin Marie of Liechtenstein, Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz of Belgium Archduchess and Archduke of Austria-Este, Princess Michael of Kent, The Duchess of Palma the Majorca, King Michael of Romania, King (Tsar) Simeon of the Bulgarians, the Duke and Duchess of Bragança, Crown Prince Nicholas of Montenegro, The Duke and Duchess of Parma, Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia with his fiancée Princess Sophie of Isenburg, Prince Nicholas of Romania, Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma, Fürst Karl of Schwarzenberg, Fürst Alexander of Schaumburg-Lippe, Duke Friedrich of Württemberg, Fürst Friedrich-Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, many members of the Imperial family of Austria, and several other members of Princely families from Germany.

Archduke Otto was born on 20 November 1912 as oldest child of then Archduke Karl and Archduchess Zita of Austria, née Princess of Bourbon-Parma, the future Emperor and Empres of Austria and King and Queen of Hungary. He was later joined by 3 sisters and 4 brothers.

Archduke Otto of Austria, the former head of the Imperial family, died on 4 July. The late Archduke lost his wife, née Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen, on 3 February 2010. Together they have 7 children, Archduchess Andrea, Archduchess Monika, Archduchess Michaela, Archduchess Gabriela, Archduchess Walburga, Archduke Karl and Archduke Georg. Archduke Karl has been the head of the Imperial and Royal family since January 2007, when the late Archduke Otto relinquished his status as the Head. Archduke Otto leaves behind:

  • Archduchess Andrea, who is married to Hereditary Count Karl Eugen of Neipperg and they have 3 sons and 2 daughters,  Count Philipp, who is married to Countess Paula and they have 2 children, Johanna and Stephan; Counts Benedikt and Dominik, and Countesses Hemma and Katharina.
  • Archduchess Monika, who is married to Don Luis Gonzaga de Casanova-Cárdenas, Duke of Santangelo, they have 4 sons. Baltasar, Duke of Maqueda, Gabriel, Marquess del Aguila, Rafael and Santiago.
  • Archduchess Michaela, was first married to Eric Alba Teran d’Antin with whom she has 2 sons, Marc, who’s engaged to Tricia Johnston, and Justin, and a daughter, Carla. They are divorced. The Archduchess then married Count Hubertus of Kageneck. They are divorced.
  • Archduchess Gabriela, was married to Christian Meister. They are divorced. They have 3 children, Severin, Lioba and Alene.
  • Archduchess Walburga, who is married to Count Archibald Douglas. They have 1 son, Count Moritz.
  • Archduke Karl, who is married to Archduchess Francesca, née Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza. They have 2 daughters, Archduchesses Eleonore and Gloria, and 1 son, Archduke Ferdinand.
  • Archduke Georg, who is married to Archduchess Eilika, née Duchess of Oldenburg. They have 2 daughters, Archduchesses Zsófia and Ildiko, and 1 son, Archduke Károly-Konstantin.

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  1. Lindy says:

    You mentioned above that Maria Teresa attended the funeral. I thought that Grand Duke Henri attended alone.

  2. Princess Robijn says:

    I stand corrected, thanks Lindy.

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