Earl Mountbatten’s Grandson Speaks About the Murder of His Family Members

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On the 27th of August 1979, Louis Mountbatten, the Earl Mountbatten was murdered along with his 14 year-old grandson, Nicholas Knatchbull, 15 year-old Paul Maxwell, and Baroness Brabourne, the 83 year-old mother in law of the Earl’s daughter. They were enjoying a leisurely holiday outing in the family’s boat on the waters off of Mullaghmore in County Sligo, Ireland, when a bomb placed on the boat was detonated by a member of the IRA.

The bomb had been placed on the boat by the IRA member the night before. It was detonated via remote control device during the family’s outing the following day. 31 year-old Thomas McMahon served almost twenty years in prison for murder after he was found guilty of placing the bomb on the boat.

Timothy Knatchbull was lucky to escape the attack with his life-and some serious shrapnel wounds. In light of the 30 year anniversary of the attack, he is speaking out for the first time about the events of that horrifying day. Earl Mountbatten was his grandfather. Nicholas Knatchbull was Timothy’s twin brother, and Baroness Brabourne was his grandmother.

In an article in Monstersandcritics.com, Knatchbull says that he “has been struggling to cope with the deaths of his family members for years.”He has been able to work through his grief and anger thanks to the support of his remaining family members. Earl Mountbatten was Prince Philip’s uncle. He also had a very close relationship with Prince Charles, who was deeply saddened by the death of the man he considered his mentor.

Knatchbull has returned to the scene of the explosion in an effort to deal with his grief. He spoke to BBC Radio 4 about the visits and stated that, “I did it very quietly and very privately in 2003 and 2004 and I found that by digging deep and finding out for myself first hand who did it and how, and indeed why, I was able to get to a whole new level of forgiveness and healing.”

Timothy Knatchbull has written a book about the tragedy called, “From a Clear Blue Sky”. It will be released later this year.

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4 Responses to Earl Mountbatten’s Grandson Speaks About the Murder of His Family Members

  1. jeremy stockton says:

    Does Tim not realise if his family hadn’t been such Bastards through the centuries they wouldn’t have been so hated. I grew up in N.I. and to be honest it showed breath taking arrogance to go as members of the Royal family to Ireland at the time. If anyone’s to blame other than the inla, it was Mountbatten taking his family there, to such obvious risk.


    ps whose land or house where the inheriting and what irishman had they stole it off.

    i say boo hoo, and shut up

  2. sgl says:

    Thank you for your comment. The entire situation is tragic, but the fact remains that innocent people were murdered, including two young teens. Arrogance aside, nobody deserves to be blown up. It is incredible to me that Timothy Knatchbull is able to forgive. The fact is that he was a young person at the time of this attack. He lost his family members, including his twin brother. His life was never the same. I don’t think that I would be able to forgive, even if the previous generations of my family were perceived as the oppressors. The point of this entry was that Knatchbull has been able to forgive and more forward.

  3. Andrew says:

    arrogance? hmm pretty arrogant to put the blame for a cowardly murder on the victim rather than the perpetrators, even though I can agree with the notion that Lord Mountbatten ought not to have exposed himself and others to the risk….

  4. Mark, Graf v. Hohenstein says:

    Judge not, lest ye be judged.

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