The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 19: July 2016 - October 2016

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I love this look- I've come to think of it as Kate's princess uniform, the type of look she always wears for formal day occasions, and I'm completely fine with that- it's a look that works for her and I think she'll always do some variation of this.

The brooch and the earrings were my favorite part of today's outfit, along with her hair, which looked perfect.
Must be one of the very few times I actually really like what she's wearing.
Colour is great and I love her hat. For once, congrats to her stylist!

The brooch is beautiful. The earrings not so much, but I guess they go on par with her engagement ring and I never liked it.
The Duchess looks very elegant and composed. A lovely shade of blue and the hat combined with the styling of her hair is a very good choice .

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I love what she’s wearing here. The color looks wonderful on her. Also... I absolutely respect
her for being able to walk down that staircase while carying Charlotte and holding George’s hand... I would have broken my neck after about two steps.
I like this outfit, very appropriate for the occasion. No flying skirt this time, thank god.

Jenny Packham dress
Catherine's overall ensemble was all restrained elegance and very appropriate with its slimline skirt, her long legs enabling her to carry off an enviable super-chic longer length, I was not so keen on the space between the collar at the front, it made for a very severe, empty look as opposed the total whimsy of the back. Her matching hat, once again echoing maple leaves, was perched on an equally elegant updo was very flattering.

But for me, the big fail was Catherine's blerg nude shoes. I expected her to finish the ensemble either in colour block with matching blue shoes, (even Charlotte's shoes were blue) or chic black. But they were so blerg nude/beige you really couldn't see where Catherine's ankles finished and the blerg shoe began.

I don't know if I was delighted or appalled that the children and, were dressed to colour coordinate with their parents rather like accessories.
Catherine looked amazing. The Canadian press gave the nod to Kate in the 'Sophie Trudeau vs Duchess of Cambridge style stakes'

Silly I know but there has been a lot of talk about two of the most fashionable women in the world meeting for the first time.
The Duchess looked very elegant and a great colour too!
Kate looked wonderful, especially the hat! That shade of blue is very becoming for her, but I too would have preferred different shoes. I love the maple leaf- now that is a piece of jewellery Kate can wear for years! (After the Queen, of course).

Sophie was a bit of a disappointment; I've heard so much about her fashion sense but she looked blah, that hat clashed with her dress and wasn't very flattering.
I really liked Catherine's outfit and thought it fit perfectly. The broach was a nice touch.I also felt that Sophie looked beautiful as well, she always tries to promote Canadian designers and that is wonderful for the Canadian fashion industry.Her dress fit beautifully as well. The real fashion winner though was Charlotte!!!!
Ohhhh, that look for Kate was pure perfection! I think it actually might be her best look of her "career" as a royal so far. Color, shape, fit, hat, amazing.
Just one note: I'm tired of seeing that neutral accessories, but with that sophisticated ensemble, I "forgive" even her clutch. XD
I echo that Catherine's outfit was perfect, I am even OK with the shoes - they actually look more taupe than beige. I think that her shoe choice should have been kept simple and yeah she could have work black or matching blue shoes, and those would have been acceptable choices, but they would not have been better choices, at least not to me. I
Thanks to others that pointed this out in this thread in the past, I've learned Kate is actually not long legged. BUT, the use of neutral shoes and a slightly high waistline in her dresses makes the leg appear longer. I don't think I've seen a better example of her doing that than with the arrival outfit in BC.

I want to tip my hat to Governor General David Johnston's wife Sharon, who was the lady in the chartreuse/olive mixed block suit at the arrival and ceremony. I loved the suit and the hat on her. It's nothing most of us would pick, but, I thought it worked. She also seemed to have the best time... Prince William hopes to see how Canada tackles world's 'biggest challenges' | And full coverage of the Royals :flowers:
I'm not a fan of that neckline tbh, and neither do I like the shoes...but other than that it's a very nice and polished look. The colour and fit are amazing on her, and her hairdo and fascinator are terrific, IMO. And I really love the maple leafs details.
Love it! One of Cathrine's best and most elegant daytime looks. She looks a million dollars. My only disappointment- where's the red and white?
she is wearing day 2 :canflag:

my understanding the blue is a primary color of British Columbia

Makes sense.
Well I asked for red and white, but this is not quite what I had in mind. Disappointing. Awful! Big miss.
The pink and white dress is awful, in my opinion.

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I think the dress is terrible. It's too much.
If the Saturday arrival look was very adult, polished and elegant, this is very fresh, approachable and young. So whether we like it or not, I understand the choice. It fits with today's agenda.
I'm guessing that the hovercraft lift out to Kits Coast Guard Station will not require a change in clothing? That it's a passenger style hovercraft, rather than a more utilitarian hovercraft?

Edit - here is said hovercraft. Seems weatherproof enough.
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i always love kate in mcqueen. whilst this time the outfit seems a bit misplaced (and perhaps something that i would have expected her wear to a more informal event and perhaps in the summer), i still like it. it is also in stark contrast with yesterday's very official, very traditional outfit.
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