The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 18: April 2016 - July 2016

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:previous: I remember that. Word came out later that it was the Duchess's own design. I'm looking for confirmation of that now.:flowers:
I recall one designer didn't want to be mentioned, it was an outfit she wore on her Malaysia, Solomon Islands & Tuvalu tour. If not mistaken, it was a yellow outfit.
Yeah, that one was one of the ones I was referring to. Her first christmas coat as well. And a black coat with "frayed fringe" at the closure that she has worn on private time and on an engagement when pregnant with Charlotte (over her polka dot dress from ASOS). All these have been IDd as "Independant" by the press based of the information they go from the palace.
Her yellow dress in Tuvalu she is said to have designed through one of the queen's dress makers.

Kate Middleton designs her own clothes with help of Queen's seamstress |

The black coat worn with the polka dot dress was made by one of her dress makers. If she had any actual design input is not said with the coat

And this coat at Christmas 2012 was simply an independent designer whose style she liked
Catherine is in yellow for her visit to Wimbledon. Looks like the Roksanda dress she wore in Oz but BBC only showed an upper side view so I may be wrong!
Catherine is in yellow for her visit to Wimbledon. Looks like the Roksanda dress she wore in Oz but BBC only showed an upper side view so I may be wrong!

Yes correct she in the Sydney arrival dress. Good to see her repeating a tour wardrobe dress. Its a suitable summery dress for the event.
You can't fail to spot Kate in the royal box today during the tv coverage- she stands out.
The yellow dress was perfect for summer day. Glad she recycled this dress, color suits her well. I don't mind the open hair but would've preferred a ponytail.
Yesterda's outfit was great. It's not something that I would wear, but for such a thin body is just perfect. I also love today's yellow dress, but I prefer the first wear (in Australia) as Kate had more curves on her, and it looked better.
She's looking a bit tired today but the dress is very nice on her, the color a definate departure from her normal colors. It's certainly yellow!

Not sure about the earrings today...I think they went better with last night's dress.

^^^ yes I agree the earrings fit last nights dress better- but we got MUCH better pictures of the earrings today so all is good :flowers:

I had to say I smiled when I saw she re-wore the same from last night...images of them on the dresser taken off from last night and she was running late today and just put them on again as it was 'easy'.
that's a beautiful dress on kate and i am glad she recycled it.
The yellow dress is beautiful! It's a wonderful color. I'm glad she is finally reusing that dress.
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beautiful color on this yellow dress
I loved the detail on the white dress, but I just don't like dresses of that length. The yellow dress is a good color, I like it.
Here's a quote from the always accurate ;) Daily Mail about the dress Catherine wore at the Somme:

Last Friday, Kate attended a service to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the battle of the Somme, along with Prince William and Harry.
She wore a bespoke cream lace dress by Jenny Packham for the occasion, teamed with her trusty black court shoes and a black recycled Lock & Co hat.

Read more: Kate Middleton wears a daring off-the-shoulder gown at Natural History Museum | Daily Mail Online
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:previous: I guess possible, but seems unlikely Jenny Packham wouldn't haven't taken credit if it was one of their line :ermm:

I like the yellow dress on Kate. Great seeing her in a bright fresh color. I do think it looked better the first time. I do wish she would have pulled her hair back in a ponytail, if only to see the earrings. Two events in a row, and because of her lack of hairdo, have not much of a view. I do think they were more appropriate with the evening look though.
This yellow dress is so bright & fresh on Kate!!! She looks gorgeous! It's such a happy summer color!!!

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