The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 17: January 2016 - April 2016

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I am not a fan of that navy blue, the gold buttons are some where between busy and costumey. At least with the Irish guards she wouldn't have looked like she was mimicking them as their uniforms are red.

The broach wouldn't have fit, unless it was over top of the buttons on one side, the double breasted style calls for a much smaller broach.
I refuse to click on that misogynistic click bait. Frankly, I refuse to believe any woman in the world would do so. *shudders*
I actually hate the fashion for big drawn on eyebrows that are everywhere now. Some people ( I'm not saying Kate ) look like clowns.
As for Kate I have always thought she could cut back a bit with eye make up JMO

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The Duchess looked very elegant today for the Huffington Post engagement today
Don't mind the skirt but think it would look better in a pencil style, but not a fan of the top. And wish she would do something with her hair.
Huffington Post engagement - I love love LOVE the look today, with the white blouse and tweedish-skirt. Love it. And the hair looks so much better just that bit shorter.
Not a fan of the looks mismatched.

I think the look works well for the nature of the engagement - it also reminds me very much of her pre-engagement days when she was either working for Jigsaw or her parents party business. This is the type of clothes she wore in those days.
I adore the skirt its cute and girly and works well with the blouse.
Agree about the hair is a royal mess at the minute - neither one length or the other and those bangs are annoying me. This whole look would have been perfect had she caught it back in an elegant ponytail, then the high neck blouse could have shone.
i like kate's look today, she never disappoints :)
I love the look today too, and agree her hair looks much nicer now. I particularly liked the skirt

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LOVE this outfit! Perfect for me. Hair will always be a problem.
I can't decide over this new outift yet. I like it because she has tried something new, but I also don't like it as I think that an high-waist skirt matched with a shirt is more flattering on a curvy woman.
I'm on the fence about Catherine's latest outfit. It's not something I'd wear, but the skirt is elegant and the whole look suits her well overall. However, I do agree about her hair, it looks a little unkempt and 'in her face'.
I loved today's outfit. I also don't mind her hair. I like the new shorter cut and think the length really suits her.
It shows how much tastes vary! I think her hair looks lovely, but the outfit looks thrown together. Just my opinion.
I think Catherine looked fine today. The outfit was business-casual and in my opinion, worked for the engagement.

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Love the blouse. A plain trouser would have looked better. This was too much blouse, too fussy skirt, and too short.
The skirt is beautiful but I dislike the skirt.
The skirt is beautiful but I dislike the skirt.

A perfect summary of royal fashion threads if ever I've seen one :)

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The blouse is lovely. But the heavy tweed skirt doesn't go well with the delicate top. Also, I do think the skirt is a tad short.
Loved the outfit! It's young, to pretty and the mix match worked well. This is so different to what she usually wears. To me, this look was a total surprise.

I liked her hair today, its slightly longer and the soft layers work well IMO.
I love this outfit so much! I want to have all the items she had on. Young, pretty and elegant. The blouse is beautiful and I want one for myself :D The skirt is ok but it would look much better without the black fringe from the side.
I've never been a fan of that coat but I like the fact that she sported it with a ponytail. I don't like it paired with that hat. It looks mismatched.
yes, i am also not that much of a fan of today's combo. i always liked that coat, but that hat and the ponytail don't convince me.
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