The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 17: January 2016 - April 2016

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Loved both looks. I love the peplum as Kate is very slender and it gives her more "shape". Loved everything about it and I happened to like the nude heels as I think black would have looked too heavy. The casual dress is lovely and looked cool. I think Kate looks very nice in the unstructured and "floaty" dress. A very good start IMO.
I like both dresses, but not being a huge paisley fan, I prefer the 2nd. It was perfect: it looked light, comfortable, beautiful spring colors, the skirt length was just right for the event. And it was a bit different from Kate's usual style.
I loved the Alexander McQueen I took me a while to decide the closeups have really changed my mind. The cricket out doors dress not my thing and why didn't she have the hair tied back ????
I like the contrasting styles, the beautiful fabrics, stunning patterns and the new colours. What a lovely start - beats most of the outfits we have seen recently back home.
I think Kate has sported amazing looks for today, and if she keeps wearing such spectacular colors and patterns, she is going to have the best looks ever on this tour, at least IMO. A very good start for the fashion of this tour.
Neither were massive hits for me but neither were they failures. Good start. I love the bright red and the pattern of the first dress. I think the red was a great choice to kick off India with. Happy to see a bright color other than blue. But she lost me with the peplum part of the dress, and not a fan of the heels. I second the opinion that she needs to find a new go to other than McQueen.

I am much more a fan of her second dress. It is light and airy for the heat, and suited for the cricket event. I even like the pattern of it. Not sure about wedges, but I think appropriate for the event, since running on grass.

Over all not blown away but a good start for the tour:flowers:
The red dress is nice, but could have done without the peplum. The cricket dress is fun and appropriate and looks nice on her. Good nod to the country by using a designer from India.
I love the style but the print is awful.
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I think the bottom half of the dress looks better than the top half.

Is it a dress or a skirt and top?
The design on the bottom of the top clashes with the skirt.
The puckering from the neck makes the dress look ill fitting.
:bang:Why oh why is there a belt?

I think a solid red top would have looked nicer along with black pumps.

The Indian inspired dress is okay but too many would look tacky.
Hopefully not all her outfits for the India/Nepal tour are Asian inspired.
:previous: I love the Indian inspired prints/outfits and I hope she continues to wear them throughout the tour.

Both day dresses just made me happy! How wonderful to see the DOC wearing prints and more than blue.

The color of that arrival dress was spectacular. The way the print was cut to fit into the dress design was amazing. Ordinarily, I might have thought the peplum a bit too much, but I thought overall it added balance and was a great fit for the locale. And her hair and coloring looked spectacular with that color of red. She should wear it again.

That boho pieced dress was wonderfully not the ordinary Kate choice! It was an unexpectedly great choice for the day with the children. And again, it was not the usual Kate blue that we see over and over. It was just fun and me smile.

She really exceeded my expectations. I'm very surprised.

You said everything I wanted to say.
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Love the McQueen dress! Very pretty! Love the cricket dress as well. She looks good.
I think someone should gather all her wedge heeled shoes and burn them. I thought she looked ridiculous running around playing cricket in those shoes. She's a sporty type and I always think she looks her best in jeans, but she seems to think she has to wear dresses and look 'girly'. This daytime event was an occasion when I think she would have looked far better in a pair of linen trousers and shirt or tunic, and sandals or other flat heeled shoes. And the long hair flopping around in that heat looked uncomfortable, to say the least. Why not a ponytail?

Didn't mind the red outfit. I thought the skirt was very nice, but the top was a bit fussy. Again, she would have looked a lot better if she had stood up straight and not slouched, and I think the neckline design and concentrated pattern up there called for her hair to be tied back and not flopping over her shoulders. I think black shoes would have looked a lot better than those beige ones, too.
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The second dress was nice but the shoe wedges are very ugly.
Love the color of the first dress, but I didn't like. It looked odd
What Roslyn said. While I love the dress she wore for cricket, and can even see myself wearing it on a nice summer's day (if I could afford it), I think trousers and flatter shoes, along with tying her hair back, would have been more appropriate and comfortable.

And really, the posture. Wish she'd work on it.
Okay I am hoping its just a bad photo because otherwise :ohmy: There looks to be pocket flaps on her breasts:ohmy: Please tell me its a bad photo because that seems like a very odd/bad placement.:eek: I mean I have pockets in scrub tops up there, but these seem to have pointy edges pointing down at her nipples. Maybe it just a poor angle.
Peter Pan collar and boob flaps? Strange choice.
A bit late here.

What a great first start!!!!
First outfit: I loved the style and color. But I liked the pattern so much (unlike many of you here). I want one for myself.
Second outfit: I love the feel I get from this dress, spring/summer feel. It seems confortable. I like this casual look, though I don't know if the shoes match that well with this dress.

And she ends the day with an amazing evening wear! The only thing that bothers me is her posture, sometimes it looks sloppy. She needs some help on this department.

Third outfit: I like that this dress is white. I like the style and fitting. While I don't care much about the collar and boob flaps, they don't go well together, it's extremlly odd. And the hair...looks bad, I wish she had some sort of hairstyle, not updoo, but something else instead of wild loose hair all over the place (it's what I see from the bad quality pictures).
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The cream dress is a lovely fabric and I like the buff shoes.
Light weight wool has perfect breathability for hot climates.
The sleeves look nice with the bodice but why add the semi sharp bust pocket flaps and round collar to detract from this dress?
I can't understand why designer, Emilia, would have such disjointed details together.
Without a waist line, more pointy flaps and collar might have looked okay with sleeve cuffs or something quite seventies like.
Catherine's big hair I would have tied in side plaits with such a dress - just for fun. :flowers:
I too dislike the flaps over the breast in this outfit, and though white looks cool I think wool, even light wool is an odd choice in Indian heat. Also, wearing the hair up, even in a half-up do, makes you feel instantly cooler.
I always think royals look good in white and cream and I love the simplicity of the dress Catherine is wearing - it's a great choice for a hot climate and the length is elegant. However, I really don't like the pocket flaps as a decoration (they can't be functional!) and could have lived with just the Peter Pan collar (even though I am not a fan of such collars!).
The boob flaps are just horrible. No need for them. Everything else is lovely.
I know the flaps placed there are supposed to give the wearer the look of a fuller chest. I hate when designers put pockets on the chest they look silly. you can't put anything in them or they stick out.

I like her shoes and bag nice light colors to go with the cream dress.
I think everyone who has posted so far has noted the pockets as spoiling this otherwise very comfortable/cool/simple dress - so how come we can all see this, but those who are meant to know about these things don't?
I am usually annoyed when posters comment on the long hair but this is not nice and looks uncomfortable. Dress is OK but I find it a bit "closed" for such a hot climate. I prefer Catherine in bolder colours.
ok that's a miss. the placement of the flaps destroys an otherwise pretty - but boring - dress. Shoes look light pink to me, an odd choice.

Kate wearing £1,100 dress by favourite designer Emilia Wickstead which she paired with a Mulberry clutch

The fit and cut of the dress is very flattering so is the color but what was the designer thinking with the collar and the pocket flaps, that ruined the whole look IMO which is very unflattering. The dress would've looked so elegant without the collar and flaps while matched with a nice belt.

Moreover, with the current style of the dress and open hair made the overall look messy. The collar simply screams for hair back.

The look was a miss, I hope she doesn't wear this dress again.
Love the style and color of this cream/white dress EXCEPT those boob flaps???? I can't imagine why someone out of all the people there didn't say...ummmm are you sure about this dress??

Those flap thingys ruin the dress.

The wind almost became an issue again I see.

Kate struggles to control her £1,700 dress as she and William lay a wreath at Delhi war memorial on Indian tour* | Daily Mail Online

Seriously, they are at wreath laying ceremony and Kate struggles to stop her dress and hair flapping in the wind???
Hasn't she learned from previous incidents?? It's not a holiday, how about suitable clothing, I wish somebody would tell her got get it right, she's been a Princess for many years now.

It's either a bad joke or she likes the attention that such pictures create.
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