The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 13: April 2014

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The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 13
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Well Ms Hepburn certainly did in this shot. It is from the movie Charade and she almost wore it up in the prevailing fashion. And in this movie as you can see the pillbox reigned supreme.
Those are all pretty large hats, almost the same size Kate wore but they suited Audrey's face a lot better I think and she had the right hair for it as well.
I loved Princess Haya's ultra-chic appearance at Ascot last year. Reminded me so much of Audrey at the time.
I think Kate would've benefited immensely from an updo with her pillbox.
:previous: Wow! Princess Haya takes the medal for that outing. She seems to have harked back to the 60's for that look and she owns it. Perfect hair, perfect hat and perfect placement of the hat.

So yes I agree, Catherine would have definitely beneifted fom and updo.
The Duchess looks lovely but tied hair would be more comfortable, especially while holding a baby.....
I love the dress and it suits her just well!:flowers:
The dress is quite pretty and young, great for Kate. She looked lovely in it.
I love Tory Burch's designs. This is a great dress on Catherine, she looks wonderful.
She looks great, would love the dress for an upcoming event myself but of course it is sold out.
Agree that tied back hair would have looked better.
Hope that she wears more form Troy Brunch because it has great summer dresses pale colours...some flowers...hope she has some more for this trip..
Catherine is looking nice and elegant, her outfit looks to be perfect for a spring/summer's day.
Very nice look for Kate. My only problem is that the pattern is a bit on the busy side.
This looks such a comfortable dress and very stylish. Very appropriate for the occasion.
Everything is fine except for too high heels, they are inapproppriate for the occasion.
Love the dress...looks very comfortable.

In the 60s my grandmother was the cook at the local parish. She wore uniforms. In this color. With huge patch pockets (it was the 60s). I am having flashbacks. :eek:
I will admit grams' polyester version lacked the kicky vented pleats in back and that grams wore nursing shoes. Grams waist was also bigger and her hair was short and glued in place once a week at the hairdresser, next door. I just hope I do not have nightmares tonight. All fashion is local. :lol:
The walkabout is precious. It always is with these two. They do touch people's spirit.
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You know, I didn't quite get the constant calls for lower hemlines for Kate, but now that she's wearing her hemlines a little lower, I do have to admit... it looks more elegant and it suits her.
Also, I'm loving the women who you can hear talking in the background talking about how they love her shoes and commenting on her wearing pantyhose.
Catherine is looking nice and elegant, her outfit looks to be perfect for a spring/summer's day.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Southern Hemisphere is how heading into autumn, not spring.
Catherine looks so elegant in the blue coat. The lowered hemlines are not an issue for me. They make her look just a tad more sophisticated than usual. I will say that her knee-length hemlines are fine too.
While the color is pretty, I think she looks best in strong jewel colors. The pocket flaps make the coat look too bulky with the belt and is too overwhelming for her slender frame. And those deep pockets have never been an attractive look for me since the style reminds me of a house dress or apron. The lowered hemline looks great and it's nice to see her hair pulled back in a ponytail.
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I'm loving today's outfit. The style and color are really pretty.
Yes! for the new hemlines which set off her proportions and legs better. Gorgeous coat the pockets are so large that they're not really patch pockets which I normally dislike. Lovely pleats, somehow accentuates her thinness though. Great that there is a new hairdo, hooray though I am holding my breath for a low chignon.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Southern Hemisphere is how heading into autumn, not spring.

Yes, it's autumn here, and sunny and cold down here in the deep south.
She looks great in the black and white and the blue suit. And hey if she can rock the high heels--you go girl.
The look was very chic, indeed. I liked the colour and fit of the coat.
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