Royal shoes and Socks: Part 1

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In the picture I noticed that MM was wearing some very high heeled shoes. It looked like a 4 or 5 inch heel. I liked the shoes she was wearing. I used to be able to wear high heeled shoes like that but can't anymore.

I saw a fashion show where a model wore a 7 inch heel. They are lucky when they have fallen down that they haven't seriously injured themselves. Anything high than 5 inches is too high and dangerous to the person wearing them.
I love the copper heels of Mary's and the heels Mette-Marit wore are hot. Both are to die for!:flowers:
Couldn't resist posting this in the shoe thread - Grace Kelly making what appears to be a difficult decision about which pair she should include in her wedding trousseau

Life pics
Thanks elly, a cute picture. I can relate as I've been in the same situation, but the shoes I had to decide on didn't cost near the price of Princess Grace's.:flowers:

The ballerinas look quite worn out. Something that has been worn over and over, quite inappropriate for an official event.

I really like the silver sandals, quite pretty for an evening look.
Sometimes (if not always) it looks like Letizia doesn't have a nice posture to wear those shoes properly. I don't know if it's some sort of effect that her skinny legs leave on me.
I prefer Mary's leopard shoes.
Mary's and Victoria's pumps look great, I love them. Marie's aren't my cup of tea I'm afraid.
Marie's shoes are very pretty. Well combined with colour's of the season.
I liked Mary's, Marie's and Victoria's pumps, it looks like their feet are squished into those shoes. A good fitting pair of shoes or pumps aren't supposed to show the upper part of the toes and they certainly aren't supposed to look like little sausages. I know because I had to swallow my pride and go a half to a size bigger on advice for a more comfortable fit per my shoe gal, you don't the shoe to fall off, but to wear pumps with high heels your feet have to be comfortable.:whistling:
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