Royal shoes and Socks: Part 1

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Queen Rania
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To tell the truth I don't like any of Q Rania shoes :ermm:

Count me in. Her shoes are the last thing I look at, sometimes I don't bother. Quite boring for my taste and many of them do look a like.
I love Mette-Marits shoes - she has some beautiful pairs.
Thank you all for sharing such great photos of the Royal's shoes! I think Kate has some really nice, but safe, ones. And Rania has a great collection too. Is there a separate thread for Kate's shoes/boots? Or are all the shoe comments for all royals put together here?
Thanks for all the lovely Pictures!
I especially love Mary's, Marie's and Mette-Marit's. They have amazing shoe collections.
I love all of the collages of shoes! All very nice and lovely! For me shoes are the best part of ensembles!

I just noticed that Q.Rania goes either for very high heels or for ballerinas, nothing in between.;) I love most of her high heels and her 3 pairs of flats are all lovely. The grey/black ballerinas are my favourite! Excellent job, Salma! :flowers:

Some collages of the shoe collections of some royal ladies in 2010 :flowers:

Mette-Marit: Shoes
Victoria: Shoes


I'd love to have these two women's shoes in one collection. MM's would represent the more contemporary and stylish side of my shoe wardrobe, whereas Victoria's would be my elegant, lady-like and classy choices.;) Jealous? :p
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Crown Princess Mette-Marit has become my very own fashion icon this year. ;) So I find most of her shoes really interesting and cool and her collection is my favorite. Then I like Mary's and Victoria's. To me those three ladies own the most beautiful shoes. For Letizia I'd suggest a stylist only for shoes! :p
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