Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 10: January 2012 - October 2012

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I like the dress and her hair is nice.
Queen Rania`s traditional dress today at the Independence day celebration 2012.
Photo from Getty Images:)
The dress very beautiful I think she repeat but different color same like one in Xavi picture in Farah Daghistani wedding , and the purse repeated same one she carry when italian state visit to jordan.
Thank`s Rossina !
I think she has the same dress in red :ermm:.

QR always looks great in tradicional dresse. Its not one of my favorites, but a beautiful dress.
:previous:I was just about to point out the dress from Farah Daghistani's wedding which xavi83 mentioned.
It's indeed almost exactly the same as the independence day dress except for a couple of very subtle differences. The old dress had an embroidered border/band under the bust but the new one doesn't. Instead, the white dress has two slightly longer panels of embroidery running down the center.
Also, the 2004 dress seems to have been slightly more flared to accommodate Rania's pregnant figure.

Here's a comparison: Photo

Queen Rania even has a similarly wavy hairstyle at both events. Who knows, she might've been inspired by her look during Farah's wedding and decided to repeat it.
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thank you xavi83 and Humera.
i was sure i saw this dress somehow,i prefer the red version more.
Very nice dress and purse.The shoes are all wrong with her dress.
Rania has a nice collection of traditional dresses.
I wonder why she never wore them for events outside Jordan like Queen Noor.She could do a good job in promoting them.
A very regal thoub and a very feminine hairstyle for Queen Rania this year!
I like her jacket bit I wish see more pics
Yes indeed she Looks Very Nice , agree with you salma her jacket Nice , Thank you for postin Lilo
She looks nice and fresh. Nice jacket
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When I saw her oufit in the video, I thought that she looked nice and elegant. But in the pictures the first I see is this strange thing on her shoulder. It is really too big.

I was wondering what video you saw.
Thats a great top, i do like the design and the fact it is matched with quite a dark colored trousers.
the blouse is the statement maker of the outfit,
very beautiful !
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