Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 10: January 2012 - October 2012

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Absolutely love Queen Rania in bold color fashion choices!
Why Queen Rania wear veil or Hijab and she opened her hair in Same Time I Think it’s Not Suitable :flowers:
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Love the dark suit and oatmeal scarf/blouse, hair is a tad bit messy, as other posters have stated, and I concur.
yes a bit boring the hair too.
i don't like the scarf taht's too much colors for the outfit Imo.
Not a fan of the outfit either, but gven the appearance of everyone else around her, it seems appropriate, IMO.
I did not like this outfit, the color of the scarf so ugly IMO.
Dunno, perhaps she's doing a Cinderella these days. It is one ugly outfit, hopefully we won't have to view this miserable spectacle again. ;)
I agree, it's a pretty yet professional outfit. The blouse seems to be very special.
Red is such a great color on her, she should wear more color than greys and beige's.
Looks burgundy to me. At any rate it looks feminine and pretty.
Although I like the wine berry color on Queen Rania, it is my opinion that she looks even better in green hues!
I really liked the brown leather jacket but not the scarf with it. I love her hair, is that her real hair or she puts an extensions ?? She looks fresh.
Finally Queen Rania's hairstyle looks neat. The ensemble is all right.
the leather jacket with the black pants look just great very chic combination.
i agree that her hair looks better here.
I so don't like scarf that does not match in colors.
But otherwise a nice outfit.
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