Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 10: January 2012 - October 2012

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i love the green top she looks fantastic.
the black pants are the perfect match.
Queen Rania looks so GOOD in green, I love that knit top on her, and the gold botton detail on the shoulder is nice.
Very nice outfit, especially the top. The colour really suits her. I also like the hairstyle.

I quite like this outfit, she matched it well. The green top she wore recently is also pretty.
Jan 2012- US Trip
Reception at the Jordanian Embassy

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January 25, 2012 - Queen Rania in a lovely knitwear top matched with pants. I really think the hair looks nice with the soft curls. The green top is also very pretty, the shade is lovely on Rania.


Detail and coat
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I love the blouse and the colour is beautiful
Yes, I really like this outfit, it is so simple and the blouse color is beautiful, I like also the shoes :D Rania looks good in causal :D
Simple dress I like the color, but I did not like the white jacket with it. Thank you Salma for the picture :D
Coat have very unique color
Love the jacket and dress separately, but they don´t look alright together, IMO. And the brown belt also look mismatched.
Nice and simple dress but ugly jacket. I think the jacket does not go a long with this dress. IMO :D
The ensemble is all right. I liked the dress and jacket. Accessories did not match the look well. The hairstyle could be neater.
I think it is the belt that bothers me most with Queen Rania's outfit.
Nice color. She seems that she likes this blue, she wear it a lot.
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