Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion, Part 1: July 2013 - February 2014

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Love this dress. Her hairstyle is also very beautifull.
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Yikes! Really??? I am going against the grain, but I think it makes her look a mile wide!
Mathilde's latest dress is lovely and elegant. It also reminds me of the dress she wore to her enthronement (although the enthronement dress has a pattern and is a different colour).
This style of neck really suits her and also the skirt lenght make her legs look even longer!
Such an outdated outfit IMO and somehow its too old for her. I also find the fit quite unflattering especially around the hips which make her look so much bigger. Moreover the fabric is too shiny for me unless it just photographs bad. Her hat looks like its stud to the back go her head. The only thing that is quite nice about the look is the shade of blue on her of the outfit.
It's a same MT wore a navy dress as well. Though I don't think she looks bad, I think Mathilde's dress was a bit too shiny as well. I like the hat and earrings and the shoes.
I don´t like this outfit at all. The fabric seems too shiny.
I like this colour but from head to toe is too much.
I must be in the minority here, as I really like this outfit, it looks great on Mathilde. On a completely different note (and I apologise for going off-topic), GD Maria Teresa looks quite small when she's standing next to Mathilde and Philippe!
I think it's very elegant! I love the hairstyle and hat.
The only thing I like about the outfit are the pearl and diamond earrings. The hairdo is very old fashioned, the hat is just too small for her and positioned wrong. The unrelieved blue, without a brooch, without anything different is too much. The cut of the coat, pockets on the hips, is very unflattering and therefore must be you know who.

For a reception at the Royal Palace in Brussels yesterday, November 27, Queen Mathilde has recycled her wonderful blue dress:

** Full view ** Back view ** October 4, 2013 **

Absolutely beautiful dress. Love that shade of blue. One of my favorites from her.


Queen Mathilde in blue from head to toe during an official visit to Luxembourg on December 2, 2013.

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up ** Back/side view **

Great color but I feel that it ages her.

Queen Mathilde is currently in Hong Kong - yesterday, December 4, she recycled the nice Dries Van Noten dress we've last seen on her in Antwerpen in September (I like it better without that hat).

** Full view ** Upper part ** September 2013 **

Today, December 5, she has worn a lovely lace dress she has also worn before:

** Upper part **
I like both outfits, even Dries Van Noten dress. But the hairdo isn´t my favourite.
Pretty green dress and beige one too. Her hair needs help, a cut I think
When was the previous time she has worn this dress? Because I can't seem to remember that.

I hadn't been sure either, otherwise I would have found the relevant pic, so it seems it's been a new one instead.
I don't care for the color of the lace dress. It's kind of muddy looking..
I like both dresses. The green dress is pretty, refreshing and gives a warm/summery feel to a cold winter's day. My only negative comment about this look would be that Mathilde should've picked different coloured shoes. The lace dress is nice and looks good on Mathilde, and I like the flowery patterns.
Yesterday, December 6, Mathilde wore two different outfits in Hong Kong:

A very nice coat in red with a dress underneath:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **

And the outfit with stripes from November, but this time without the coat and with a red jacket instead which looks much better!

** Full view ** Upper part ** November 2013 **
The red coat is lovely but the style of the coat is old. Reminds me of her early years of a royal.

Second outfit, the jacket is way much nicer that the red matching coat IMO.
I'm not overly keen on the red coat, but it looks quite festive and good on Mathilde.

I wasn't a fan of the stripy skirt the first time I saw it, and I'm still not so sure now. However I do like her red blazer/jacket.
I'm not a fan of the red coat. It's just too 'busy' looking.

As for the second outfit, I still think the skirt makes her look wide in the hip area..not flattering at all. I do like the red jacket, however.
I love the red color. Beautiful color and style.

For a visit to the exposition 'Henry van de Velde - Passion-Function-Beauty'' at the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels today, December 10, Mathilde recycled an outfit from October - I didn't like it in October, but now it looks better, as she wears the jacket differently and the combination with another hairstyle looks better.

** Full view ** Upper part 1 ** Upper part 2 ** October 2013 ** October 2013 - 2 **
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