Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 10: June 2016 - November 2016

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I don't know if it was a success (how to measure?) but it is a bit strange to measure an informal, family appearance to fashion standards. Maybe the Queen and the Princesses were even overdressed for the occasion?
Usual Max nothing different that is what I love about her she does it her way. They all look very nice.
Top,absolutely top!!She gets away with anything,and if it would be a patato bag she'd still be stylish!

I love the earrings! Anyone know the designer of the jumpsuit?
All I can imagine is "We watched the balance beam today, and we all dressed like we were watching athletics on holiday, except Mom who wore this big coat/dress thing. But we won the Gold, so yahoo!"
Yahoo indeed and congrats to Sanne Wevers
This dress looks like vyshyvanka. It is a traditional Ukrainian dress or blouse. It is in vogue nowadays. The following links contain examples of similar dresses.



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The coat is bizarre looking especially with the scarf:sad:

It looks even worse as she is standing next to her husband and kids who are all in shorts and Olympic gear. I didn't give Mary brownie points for wearing team gear, thought it a given, will have to give her belated. Scarf does not count.

She looks like she was about to do a hospital (some less casual) event and got dragged along last minute. Even if not Olympic gear, something sporty Max really, even queens dress down
Only for the earrings i doubt but the rest nice!
i like the casual outfits maxima chose for rio. the fedora hat she is wearing also looks great on her!
As I commonly find, not a fan off her earrings (love her bling but not costume pieces) but I like the look :flowers: I'd never wear the pants but Max looks great.
As I commonly find, not a fan off her earrings (love her bling but not costume pieces) but I like the look :flowers: I'd never wear the pants but Max looks great.

I thought that costume pieces means: fake. Queen Máxima wears no fake. She is not wearing plastic pearls or glass diamonds, pretending to be real indeed. When casual, the Queen sometimes wears not so expensive materials: wood, enamel, titanium, aluminium but: what you see is what you get. Nothing fake about it. That does not file them under "costume jewelry", I think. But maybe there is a linguïstic difference in play here.
Pretty Orange. I really like it worn more formal.

Máxima arrived in Jakarta today, August 30, for a three-day visit to Indonesia as United Nations Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, wearing a Missoni coat.

Later she changed her clothes into a skirt and blouse of the same print:

** Outfit 1 Full view ** Upper part ** Outfit 2 Full view **
Two gorgeous outfits. Love,the proportions of the first outfit and the shoes. Of course the missoni is terrific and the colors suit her
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