Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 10: June 2016 - November 2016

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Come on. Philippe and Mathilde simply support each other. I noticed the same with Albert and Paola as well Baudouin and Fabiola: all the time holding each other close.
I think both queens have the same issue, bad outer wear. The cape is horrid :ermm:

But the dress is lovely as is her hair. And I am in hat heaven with two real hats :flowers:
I really like this for the season. Plaid can be a bit cliche - but not so here at all. What a nice wake up for my Tuesday.
Love the brooch and earrings. :flowers:
Love the garnet colored velvet and pearl and diamond brooch. Not the earrings! The combo with the narrow plaid skirt is nice and interesting colors.
I love this look the velvet looks warm. They both look like what they are beautiful Queens.
She looks amazing. Love both outfits esp Day 1
Duc et Pair,
King Albert II has big Stabilisation , back and knees problems since he fell down on the steps of Laeken Castle and was operated asap.
He needs Queen Paola's Arms.
Queen Fabiola had a problem too and therefore King Baudouin took his arm.
A Friend af mine had her Father Minister and was Ridder. He saw he had to help the Queen as in that Visit she was alone and gave his arm.
Later at an Evening at the Royal Palace King Baudouin said to him :Ma femme vous appelle le Chevalier "
This was not in you wiki ! Only belgians know that privately
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Max looks amazing. I love the beautiful plaid skirt and the rest. The color is amazing. I love her brooch. Great looks both days :flowers:
She placed the broach on her hip where as before it was on her shoulder.
The dress looks much better with her coat on and I've just noticed the brooch on Queen Máxima's hip!
Th purple dress is very beautiful but the shoes are awful.
Why is she wearing a cocktail dress during the day, outside in November?

Nice dress, shame about the shoes.
the dress is pretty but the shoes are awful
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Shiny tights spoilt the look too.
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Mathilde looks fantastic! I love that she chose a new designer and not Natan!
Look at the talent!!
I agree Máxima looks like she is going to a reception. The look is too much of an evening wear.
I love the dress, looks great on Max, and I love the coat. Her hair and accessories, including the brooch are fantastic. :flowers:

But hate the shoes and the fascinator :sad:
Yes too much of a cocktail look, moire silk, the bateau neckline and the draped skirt are all too much for one dress, especially daytime. The extra frilly just makes it all worse. Not a good look for her but nice hairdo.
Shoes and proper hat. Shows how accessories can change a look. Looks more like a day look in April.

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