Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 21: December 2023 -

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Valentino must have been having a nightmare with that dress! Needed a better bra.
The blue outfit is another N disaster with the formulaic inverted pleats designed to make you look heavier, the stiff and shiny fabric to do the same.
I won’t mention the turban.
The necklace semi saves it, my favorite piece from the drf
The Valentino dress is lovely but the fit could be better this time. Both the Queen and esp. the King have lost weight recently, which means that sometimes the size is not optimal any longer.

Natan: you said it al. Though the outfit this weekend looked very well on her, this one has more traits of Natan's minus points. Still, it is an appropriate outfit and the long dress is respectful towards her guests.

The Queen met the designer Mohammed Benchellal today for lunch. let's hope she will be insprired to use some of his -less out-there- designs. It would be nice to see her less in Belgian- and more in Dutch design. Queen Letizia and Queen Rania both looked good in his outfits.
That fabric looks a little light for denim. Maybe just blue?
I thought of Tencel fiber/Lyocell denim, that's light, but yes, it can also be simply blue! :)
Its colourful yes but does it work sadly no in my opinion .
I'm not sure if its the special Nathan designed blouse or the denim or the shoes!
I think it is the colour combination perhaps? It doesn´t combine too well and the top feels too short ánd too long at the same time :confused:. The extra decoration on the shoulder of the top doesn´t help either, though it is typical for Natan.
A very nice colour and polished look in Utrecht today!
Queen Máxima attended a meeting of the National Coalition for Financial Health (NCFG) in Utrecht today, July 2, wearing the white Natan combination again she had also worn at the summer photo session:

** gallery ** June 2024 **
Agree with you about the pants and the necklace is too much also!
The necklace is terribly out of place! Waaay too glamorous for the events.
O do love the color and the general ideea of the outfit but somehow it looks like the outfit is overwhelming on Maxima this time. Maybe the posture on some moments or maybe just photos snapped at the wrong time
My take is that it is the hair. Had it been pulled back, it might have looked differently.
For something from her favorite designer, she is surprisingly well fitted. The cut of the top is very flattering and her bra is perfect for the snug fit and fabric. The pants fit well and she can carry the wide look with her height. The necklace is a horror and the shoes don’t really go but bravo for a sophisticated summer look
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