Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 1: April 2013 - June 2013

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Must be a Natan. I recognize the use of inverted pleats on the hips to emphasize them.
Also, the 3/4 sleeves end at a bad spot on her hips, highlighted light against black, further emphasizing the hips.
The hat just does nothing for her, and doesn't really go with the outfit.
Far as hats go, my all-time faves on Max are her huge picture/flying saucer ones.

Frankly, I'm liking MOST of the turbans, too, if ONLY to mix things up just a wee tiny bit and not lock herself into a special trademark style (like PB's soup bowls!).

I actually liked the feathered headband she wore when she met with QM2 and PH. It kind of reminded me of Mary's hat/headband that she's worn for the christenings of all her children. I wish it would've been just a bit darker in color, but otherwise, I liked it a lot as a change and something different.

Far as her skirt length goes, I've just totally given up commenting altogether that I'd like to see them at least a couple inches longer. She can only do what she can do when she can do it, I suppose.

Overall, I liked her National Slavery Memorial outfit. Far as the hat goes, I could've EASILY lived without the Dutch devil horns on the back. Those kind of ran it into the wall at 100 mph, to me.

Otherwise, I thought she looked pretty great!
The outfit is nice but I don't like the hat.
The outfit is nice & looks Nice on Queen Maxima , I liked the earring , I loved it with Brooch & earnings more than with Necklace , but she was must do some new touch with the outfit as long as she wore it several times before !
The hat is not ugly IMO but bit weird design & not looks nice with black & white outfit !
particularly I didn't like the shoes !!! , to be honest I always not like Queen Maxima shoes choices , it always looks like big huge shoes .
About sunglasses I would agree with some of here opinions that may her eyes have Allergies from sun !! ,, I would understand that because I am having allergies too .
Overall she looks Pretty Nice .

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