Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 8: November 2016 - March 2017

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An odd combition,is the skirt leather? Was really hoping she'd grown out of her fondness for leather.
The skirt is horrid. If not leather it looks like it :bang:

But I like the jacket and the top under it. And red shoes. Hair is lovely :flowers:
The skirt is leather and it doesn't work with the blazer or the red top. It looks too big and stiff against the jacket IMO.
The skirt is awful with the look.
An odd combition,is the skirt leather? Was really hoping she'd grown out of her fondness for leather.

I don't care for it either, but she (Letizia) seems to favor it. She knows what she likes and she sticks to it.

That is one of her worst looks as queen yet, imo.
i agree that the leather skirt looks most odd. i am not really a fan of leather garments overall (for many reasons including animal respect, unhygienic-ness...), although she did have some good leather outfits in the past (such as this hugo boss suit) - but this is not one of them.
I thought 'nice' and saw the trousers lol. But it indeed somehow works. (I really have a dislike for leather trousers, no matter who is wearing it).
I hate the pants with a passion. :sad: but I am in love with the rest. The top is great and I love the coat on her. The lipstick, purse and shoes are fantastic. Her hair lovely. I find myself over looking the horrid pants as I love the rest :flowers:
I love the coat and shoes.

Those pants should be burned though. Worst pair of pants I've seen on any royal ever. Ugh!
Queen Letizia

I admit I am biased. I love her look today. I think she looks fabulous. Leather pants and all.:flowers::flowers:
Love the blouse, coat, and shoes but not the skirt.
I loathe those pants as much as she must love them. I admit I had hoped they were gone for good after last season when they were trendy and she purchased them, so disappointed to see them again.

And still... I have to agree with the others, this is the first time I kind of like them (just with the coat on), the classic coat and blouse somehow works for a trendy yet balanced look. Also, this is the best shoe combination out of all their appearances. So, if she really need to wear them, it better be this way (but I seriously hope she retires them forever soon enough)
I just want all royals to quit wearing leather garments for a while. It's just so easy to channel bad rocker chick rather than "leather a queen should wear." Stop. Now. Everyone.
This is the Letizia I love. Smart, chic, professional look. Well tailored trousers, paired with a lovely top and well fit blazer. The color is beautiful. And her hair looks great. After last week with lots of dark fashion looks, glad to see Letizia and others picking some lovely jewel tones and such :flowers:
The top and jacket are very beautiful.
This is Letizia playing safe and a safe professional look. Imo, its nice but she can go slightly more elegant looking like adding a necklace.
I like this color on her and it's a nice look, but there's usually something missing that would complete the look and I agree a necklace would be nice.
I must be the only one who doesn't like her hair. Her shorter style was ever so much nicer.
Yes, very nice look I would say. I even like her choice of shoes.
I liked her outfit today and her hair is looking good again .
Looking lovely and professional. The suit and top are chic, hair looks great. I love the trench :flowers:
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