Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 7: June 2016 - November 2016

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I too love the dress on Leti is is a lovely print and the length is good .
Very pretty, she looks wonderful.
Its a lovely summery dress on Letizia,reminds me of something that the Duchess of Cambridge would wear.
Nice and profession looking a bracelet or brooch would have given the look a more regal touch.
That a perfect mix match of pieces IMO. Letizia looked very elegant.
i liked the ruffled blue top. the colour and cut suit letizia nicely. it is from nina ricci. the hairdo is also a winner for me.
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The Queen looks very elegant today.
Somehow the top looks like it was shrink wrapped onto her body! The draping looks wrong & unfinished, imo. I like the skirt, though, and her hair looks great.
She looks chic and professional. I love the skirt and the top is great. Her hair is amazing back like that and love the earrings. :flowers:
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New dress, I don't like the print it looks like one of Queen Sofia's pyjamas recycled.
Well, while it may have echoes of QS, this dress seemed to bring out the femininity in Letizia. You can see by the way she walks and throws her head back that she feels "pretty", in fact I would say she is revelling in it . . . and it looks good on her, softer, gentler somehow.
Well, while it may have echoes of QS, this dress seemed to bring out the femininity in Letizia. You can see by the way she walks and throws her head back that she feels "pretty", in fact I would say she is revelling in it . . . and it looks good on her, softer, gentler somehow.

That is a great observation. I looked at the pictures again and and I saw the same thing.
I like the floaty printed Zara dress - Letizia rocks the professional straight crisp lines so well that this appearance was a contrast for her and nice to see something different and as many noted feminine on her. The dress was also a very good length - in previous times many of her high street dresses would have been quiet short but this length was perfect for a royal
I love the look. The jacket is fantastic.
Classic Letizia - sharp blazer, skirt combo. There were a few years as Crown Princess when she went too casual in fashion royal terms but generally her fashion style could be summed up by looking at a picture of her today. Sharp professional lines
These type of looks suit her very much. The combo of the white dress (I think) look lovely with the navy and white jacket.
A very polished and professional look on Letizia with another great hairstyle.
Letizia looks chic but professional.The jacket is fit and stylish, and paired well with the white dress and simple earrings. Love her hair. :flowers:
:previous: Well this is certainly a 180 degree change from the romantic dress, this "professional" look sneaks in a little subtle softness. The dress is very soft and the tweed of the jacket is glorious but her hair takes centre stage and she looks tight or sharp as opposed to beautiful and elegant.
Letizia's latest outfit is very smart and sophisticated, I love the blue and white combination.
That blue blazer looks stunning on her!
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I like the style of the dress, look is very puristic with no jewellery and Madonna's arms, earrings are lost in the hair. Don't like the snakeskin shoes at all.
I like everything minus those ugly shoes. Her hair looks gorgeous! I think it suits her even better than the sleek bob!
The dress is lovely and I actually like the shoes with it. They seem to give the outfit texture. The only gripe I have with this is as always, I wish there were a necklace or bracelets or something. Hair looks good and she looks appropriate. Although I will say that I miss that short bob she had, I thought it was really nice on Letizia.
Today's dress is beautiful and the simple style suits Letizia best. But everything else is not good. The earrings are too big and lost in her hair. I don't like curly hair on Letizia at all, she looks so good with sleek hair. The sleek bob was so gorgeous on her. And the shoes are a wrong choice with this dress.
Well, the styling of big, fussy daytime earrings in general is that they should be paired with a fairly simple dress. And, in general, that works. JMO
But earrings can get too big. Or the hair be too fussy for the earrings.
I think in this case, I just don't like the earrings, though.
With Letizia, I always wonder if she avoids other jewelry because of Spain's economic situation and public perception, or if she just does not like bracelets, etc. It would be miserable to love jewelry and feel like you could not wear it. So, for her sake, I always hope it is the latter.
Were I a royal in Spain, the public would hate me because I would want to pile on the baubles, collect semi-precious sets and wear them all the time. Luckily, I have the job I do! :lol:
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