Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 7: June 2016 - November 2016

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Welcome to Part 7 of the thread for Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion!

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** Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 6: January 2016 - June 2016 **

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The leather pants at a totally wrong event. Awful. And the cardigan is too informal. The only thing I liked yesterday was her hair, I like it this way much more than when she has a curly hair.
It is odd that sometimes Letizia has gorgeous outfits and the next time she picks an outfit that is not appropriate at all.
And to top it all, you can even see her bra under the cardigan. :nonono:
She can be quite clueless at times when it comes to picking an appropriate outfit ,but when Letizia puts her mind to it she can look immaculate and professional,sadly yesterday was as many have said was one of her worst.
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I'm a huge Letizia fan but tbh that outfit was a total miss. Definitely one of her worst. The top and the leather pants don't match & not to mention leather pants are not appropriate for the event at all.
And to top it all, you can even see her bra under the cardigan. :nonono:

yes, the bra prints too much on that shirt. i like the colour of the shirt, it really works for letizia, but the trousers have definitely been worn way too much as of late.
Oh dear, this is not a good look from Letizia. I often think she looks professional and elegant, but something has gone a little wrong here... her top and trousers are very mismatched and the shiny material of the trousers looks cheap and a little tacky (I know I sound harsh here, but I can't find nicer phrases to describe my thoughts on this outfit).
I want to like this outfit, but for some reason, there's something about it that doesn't quite sit with me. As an individual piece of clothing, Letizia's jacket is nice and elegant.
I want to like this outfit, but for some reason, there's something about it that doesn't quite sit with me. As an individual piece of clothing, Letizia's jacket is nice and elegant.

For me it's the blouse tucked into the pants and the lacy blouse with the blazer. Hate to nit pick because this is so much better than those ugly leather pants with the zipper. I love this color of blue on her and her earrings are gorgeous. Love her makeup today too:flowers:
Todays outfit was ok a bit mismatched but miles better than the hideous leather trousers of yesterday which I really hope will never see the light of day again.
Much better than the leather ones but not hard to do :ROFLMAO:

I like the accessories. The earrings are great and I love the purse. I love the coat, the color is great on her. Her hair looks amazing:flowers:

But the outfit is a miss. I am not a fan of the higher waist trousers, and the shirt looks odd tucked into it. I don't like the monochrome cream/beige effect going on or the peter pan collar.
Another mismatched outfit but definitely miles better than those awful leather pants.
I don't like this outfit at all. It looks cheap. The worst in it are the stripes at the top. The outfit would have looked more formal without the stripes at the top. Now it looks too casual when looking Letizia standing beside queen Sofia. And when you look at the back view, the whole outfit is a miss. The stripes at the skirt aren't flattering either. I also wish that she wouldn't have had curly hair today.
I like Letizia's skirt, but I'm not a fan of her top. The stripes on the top combined with the stripes on the skirt seems like a little bit much to me. Her hair and make up look really nice here, however.
Might have looked more professional with a jacket and yet again her mother in law Queen Sofia is the better dressed Spanish queen.
I am not a fan of this outfit. It looks poorly made and the wrinkles are killing me! No one wants to see a wrinkly queen. Definitely a miss. Queen Sofia looks lovely though. I do adore all her bracelets!
The top appears too tight and the photo from the back looks as though the skirt zipper doesn't close all the way. An Ard Ri is correct that Sophia is the better dressed Queen today.
I like the outfit quite a bit. I really like the skirt part and detail. But I don't like the detail on the top. I find it makes it look too casual.
Letizia looks lovely is that a new hairstyle?
Not feeling the hair hope she shortens it or keeps it curled straight is not attractive.
i like this a lot! her trousers fit her so well.
Yay, a really nice trouser look again. They fit great and the shirt is nice :flowers:

But I wish she would cut her hair back to a bob. It looks so much better. Right now her hair looks great curled, but straight it is too long.
This style of pant is much more flattering than straight. The look today is nice but not anything spectacular. I too wish she would cut her hair.
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