Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 3: November 2014 - April 2015

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The new haircut favours her a lot, IMO.
And so does red. I didn't like the dress during the Netherlands visit but it was mostly because of the event. Today she looks good, very much on Christmas mood.
Beautiful red outfit! That shade of red is great. She looks so stunning.
Letizia looks wonderful! I've always loved this dress and I agree with ANNIE_S, red is her colour. I think we all have a colour that suits us best, and red is without a doubt Letizia's.
I had hoped that Letizia would wear her hair up,the dress is nice but needs a brooch or necklace to add a bit of a more regal touch.
Letizia looked absolutely gorgeous today. It's great that she recycled this beautiful dress and that she didn't ruin it with jewellery. She looked so elegant and regal, and her posture is wonderful, I envy that every time I see her. This colour suits Letizia very well.
She looked beautiful but I wish there weren't all the matchy-matchy accessories.
Letizia looks really nice and I think dressed up for the event. Don't see the problem of wearing hair down here - the hair looks tidy and doesn't look messy so it's fine. I don't have any complaints about her look - she looks regal and poised but I do agree that a beautiful brooch would compliment the whole look.
Letizia looks wonderful today. I'm not a fan of Varela as a designer because most of his
designs seem to be the same year after year. Still, Letizia is his best ambassador and she looks lovely today. I agree that a brooch or something would liven up this gown...something to give it umph!
I actually think there is enough detail on the dress that the addition of a necklace or brooch would be too much. Letizia looks good today - the colour is nice. She is the ultimate Queen of recycling and straight crisp lines - she is keeping to form for her first appearance of 2015
IMO she looks very beautiful and the dress is probably the only one made by Varela for this act that I actually like, so no complains there. Love this side view of the dress, very queenly, IMO http://static01.diariodenavarra.es/...c93e27db.jpg?873f3cf22b7f0c2dec2fdfedbf5a32f3

Not sure about the earrings. I love them cause they're a lot of fun, but the different colouring makes them a little bit too casual for the ceremony, I think.

I disagree about the brooch, I think the dress has enough detail by itself and a brooch would look odd here (though it would depend of the brooch, I guess). IMO a "grander" pair of earrings and a nice updo is all the outfit needs.

I'll give her a pass on the hair department, though, since the event started at 12 in the morning and no Spanish parent of small kids would like to spend the morning of January 6th on a hairdresser's hands :D
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For such a distinguish military event, Letizia looks too plain. tiding her hair a bit would have helped.
the dress was too long. and the shoes are a miss
I was never a fan of this dress and this time roundI still dont like it much. The hair style is boring and she could've pulled it back or put it up simply, the hairstyle doesn't go with such a look. Her make up is nicely done.
Truly disapointed by this ugly dress... That's a pity
nothing nice about this appearance. nothing is wrong with it, but it's just bland and boring. not at all queen-like or momentous. the embroidery on the dress looks awful, like something any older aged woman would wear, and those shoes are even a tad tacky in my opinion. the shade is slighly off that one of the dress and it just looks strange, like someone tried to do a matching outfit but that didn't work.
The dress is drab - lifeless and sucks the life out of this vibrant woman. It is shapeless and too long.

I thought this was a "gala" event (having seen Sophia in the past). Uniforms and morning dress - I wanted a gown to match.

Her hair........ her dress.......it's a nightie!
I am not liking this dress. It is just not elegant enough and is kind of blah. It needs something but I just don't know what. The shoes are awful and they do not match the dress! Her posture is wonderful and very regal.
Love the dress, the color and the detail. A better hairdo would have been nice. The dress is too long

Yum, delicious dress, wonderful details. It didn't seem to move well but that's a hazard with anything photographing at nano-seconds. I still like it. :flowers: Impressive imo.
I love the dress Letizia wore to the Pascua Militar event. That colour is great and suits her a lot. However, I do think her shoes look a little awkward with the dress. The dress gives off quite an elegant feel to me but the shoes are more clunky. I also would've preferred to see her hair in a different hairstyle. It's the same hairstyle as she usually has and I would've loved it if she wore an updo. She looks wonderful in buns and I think she should wear them more often.

I'm not a fan of her latest outfit, though I quite like her shoes. Her jacket/blazer is a little busy for me and I'm not a fan of the colour combinations.
I like the top and jacket combination... But agree that these item would be better separated
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