Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 3: November 2014 - April 2015

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The jacket is in all Autumn colors.. gold, burnt orange, black. Lovely! But NOT with that fucsia colored blouse!!
I love the top - it's a great colour on Letizia but not loving the jacket. The jacket looks really cheap even though it probably wasn't!
The jacket is absolutely budget. Queen Letizia needs to ask Varela or whoever produced this jacket to better replicate Chanel tweeds.

I do not have too much problem with the jacket/top, perhaps she should have chosen a skirt instead. The pants look a bit too sporty.
The overall look is a bit mismatched,maybe a skirt would have worked better.
I'm not a fan of the jacket, but was is disappointing is her hairstyle and makeup. Not one of her best days at all.
I agree that Letizia looks great in red. She also wore a bright royal blue suit one time that looked wonderful on her. Bright jewel tones are best on her. White and black seem to wash her out unless she is in proper evening make-up.
Letizia does look very smart today and I agree with the above comments about red being her colour!
She looks mighty fine! :flowers: Red is indeed her color.
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She looks great! I really like her hair styled like this, looks like she has a lot of volume. The red color is one of her best colors and this is an elegant suit which fits to perfection.
Agree, she Looks phantastic!
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Now as Queen she should hire a stylist who helps her with outfits and a hairstylist who takes care of her messy flyaway hair.
Then she has more time to work or look after her causes.

Agree, that this Hair Drama was really a Desaster - it was her worst "bad hair day" (but only once, Í guess - so Maxima had much more Desasters :whistling:).
But: I am not sure, whether it can be "sold" to the still economically suffering Country, if she hires a Stylist and a hair Stylist.
In General I really think, she has dramatically improved since becoming Queen, so I am ok with the Status Quo right now :flowers::flowers::flowers:!
BYe Bine
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I have a lot of empathy for Letizia with the hair because my hair is very dry, as well, and I have therefore have a lot of fly aways, too. It's really hard to control.
From head to toe she looks magnificent. Not too many people can wear an all red suit and fire engine red to boot. This suit is beautifully fitted and the tiny loops edging the jacket lift it from a "professional work suit' to an elegant ensemble.

The length of her skirt shows her lovely long legs to advantage . . . yes I think she has proportional long legs, and the skirt hitting mid-knee balances perfectly with her dainty black pumps.

From her hair to her earrings, suit and pumps, she makes a very elegant, very regal, statement.
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I so agree! I often complain about her being too casual but this time she rocks! Gorgeous!
The colour has a primary importance.
:previous: What do you mean? I'm not trying to be negative by the way, just curious. :flowers:

Letizia looks wonderful in her latest outfit. That shade of red is amazing, and it suits her a lot. I definitely agree that red is her colour (she also looks great in black IMO). Her hair does seem a little unkempt though, but it looks nice in general.
I just meant that red suits her better than other colours.

Just my opinion, of couse that's not most important, with her slender body she could wear anything, and that's amazing!
Letizia looks fabulous! Love the little loops detailing as it adds that extra touch of style. The fit is perfection. And of course, the color is always special on her.

That red coat is so beautiful and elegant.

She looks wonderful! Stunning color and exquisite style. She looks absolutely beautiful.
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I dont like the top in any way. The design is too casual, the fabric look cheap and I dont understand the collar. The overall look though is nice with the undo and the pretty earrings.
She looks nice just from the neck up :p

The outfit is just awful, probably the worst Varela has done for these receptions :wacko:

The top is so ugly with that collar and the cheap sparkle, the belt is too casual, and the skirt has no appeal at all, IMO.
I love the way people see things so differently (even though it can be very frustrating); I absolutely love this look :flowers:
I like the dress. The cut of the dress is wonderful on the Queen and the sequins just add a little sparkle. The hair and makeup are beautiful as usual. The earrings are okay. I would have loved to have seen some pear and diamond drops.
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I dont like the top in any way. The design is too casual, the fabric look cheap and I dont understand the collar. The overall look though is nice with the undo and the pretty earrings.

I agree that even with all the sparkle the overall look is casual. Must be the collar and the fabric. Love the hair and earrings though.
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