Princess Sofia's Fashion & Style, Part 1: June 2015 - May 2016

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Love the shoes :flowers:

But while a punch of color is great, not sure that punch worked with a day time look. Would look amazing as the punch with a little black dress.
:previous: Unfortunately, the shoes were a total miss. Kind of like scrabbling in the wardrobe for something you know is there but can't find it and end up grabbing something wildly inappropriate because you're now running late.

The fascinator looks droopy and it looks like her curls are tired and drooping too. The colour of her dress is positively pallid and makes her look drained. The dress itself looks a little loose and (courtesy of the weight of the material) it looks kind of droopy too.

She's a trooper for being back at work but looks like she needs to be using what little down time new mums get to put her feet up.
You can't say she was late in resuming her Royal duties.... and she radiates !!!!
My compliments on appearing so soon after giving birth. Its interesting outfit but it makes upper body look huge and those curls on Sofia's shoulders are not helping either (hair up and this would have been much better look!).
Like her shoes but not teamed with beige facinator and white dress.
I applaud Princess Sofia (and CP Victoria) for attending some events while on maternity leave because they really don't have to and are attending anyway.

Ignoring the hot pink pumps and loose curls, Sofia's white luncheon outfit and cocktail hat are all right. Hair up/tied back with neutral or grey heels would be better. The pink pumps needed another pink item (hat, belt or purse) to bring the white + hot pink combination together.

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