Princess Sofia's Fashion & Style, Part 1: June 2015 - May 2016

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I apologise if this has been asked before, but is that a royal brooch/order she is wearing? If so, which one is it and when did she receive it? I'm not asking to be critical, just genuinely curious.

She is wearing the Family Order. She probably received it before/on/after the wedding. I don't think we know exactly, but it likely happened around the wedding. There's been some discussion in the Bernadotte Family Jewels thread about who's she has, but it's been difficult to find out (unless progress has been made, I haven't read the thread in a few days).
:previous: Thank you for answering my question. I haven't been following the thread about the Bernadotte Jewels, though I'll be sure to check it out.
Indeed, Princess Sofia looked great. Hard to believe she gave birth recently. I'll give her a pass on the center-parted hair.
Sofia looks wonderful if you think she just gave birth!!! Simple , beautiful dress!
Just lovely dress and hair ornament. Her hair and makeup,are very flattering too, never looked prettier.
Sofia looked very pretty and I especially like her hairstyle. She looked a bit constricted in that dress. She chose a dress that flattered her figure, which is not easy after giving birth, but I think it still was too soon for her to be there.
The coat she wore afterwards was not as nice, she picked the right event to attend.
Meh it's ok...color is a little pale for her. Not sure the dress fits that well but I'm sure she's still dealing with some body issues in the belly area, normal stuff for women who have recently given birth.

the outfit is boring and there's nothing too special about it, but it is nice to see her making an effort to attend the morning events at least given the special nature of the festivities!
The dress is just meh. Color is dull on her and nothing special. The coat looks like it might be tight still on her.

But that said great to see her at the event, an she is looking great for having given birth 11 days ago. Though I don't like the flower thing in her hair, her over all hair style and makeup is great. I am glad she made an appearance and overall she looks lovely.
I can't comment, just because she's made an appearance 11 days after giving birth

I agree with you, I'am just going to comment about the colour fo the dress, and too me is too pale... maybe a strong colour would look better on Sofia...
Perhaps we needn't mention clothing fit or figure issues for a new mother.
Sofia looked very nice. Just the fact that she was out of the house is fabulous, much less something like this, just a few days after giving birth to her first child. I applaud her.
I can't comment, just because she's made an appearance 11 days after giving birth
Neither can I because as those of us who have given birth know it is a struggle to just attend to the simplest of tasks less than two week post-partum.
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Sofia has gone back to royal duties very quickly, good for her!
She looks really good too for so recently having had a baby.
That outfit is unflattering, the shade of white which is a strong white is hard to pull off, especially in a heavy fabric like hers.
Nice dress, fits very well and good bodice interest. Don't like the hat, looks a bit silly as the facinators do, imo
Ugh two fascinators and both ugly :sad: Hers is better than Vic's but that isn't saying much.

Her dress mixed feelings. Nice detailing up top, adds interest. But I agree fabric seems a bit heavy and not sure the shade of white was too flattering right now on her.

But she is looking happy and healthy for a woman who gave birth less than a month ago. :flowers:
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