Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 5: May 2013 - February 2015

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It looks like a maternity dress. Wishful thinking on my part!
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It looks like a maernity dress. Wishful thinking on my part!

I had the same thought too, especially from the side. For the record, I don't really thinks she's pregnant.
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This is a tricky gown. From afar it looks nice but I don't particularly care for the detail or the colour. Something brighter, more jewel toned would've been nicer.
Best gown ever for her. Simple elegant cut, beautiful beading, good color goes with the huge amythysts

i was going to say madeleine was the only good one of the ladies tonight, and her dress is lovely, but then i saw your second picture and i have to disagree. the lady behind her wearing that amazing golden bandage dress wins hands down. who is she? she looks superb. but madeleine still retains the best of the royal outfits prize. :) her dress is by Fadi el Khoury, who also dressed victoria for madeleine's wedding and did a fantastic job back then too - he surely knows how to make a dress!

I know what you mean. That is one spectacular dress! :)

Still, Madeleine is exquisite. Back in form! :flowers:
Best gown ever for her. Simple elegant cut, beautiful beading, good color goes with the huge amythysts
I have to agree, she looks magnificent. The subtlety of the colours in her gown, playing off those gorgeous amethyst earrings, gives her a beautiful glow. She looks almost serene, like she has found herself and she likes what she found.

The gown itself is full of surprises. It is demure, yet not quite, it is understated, yet not, and the sheer volume of her skirts was amazing.
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Interesting.... either People looooove her Dress or they do not like it at all.

I have to admit, I am no admirer of this Dress...... nice colour and sequins, but I agree, it makes her matronly and does not fit her Body waist (it makes her bigger than she wants), so either she has gained weight again or she is pregnant agin and wants to hide something.

Also I do not like the cut of the upper part....
BYe Bine
Just had a better look at M gown. I love it, and I love the gold bandage gown behind her!
The pattern in the dress look like hearts and that makes me strongly dislike it. The dress could also have a better fit, it makes Madeleine look matronly. I like her jewellery though.
Thursday's dress is nice, but it reminds so much the two lace dresses Victoria wore recently, that it is a very boring choice. There is nothing special in this dress. And Madeleine has been wearing so many romantic lace dresses during the last years that it would be great to see something totally different on her. Also it would have been great to see the beautiful princess to wear a little bolder coloured dress on Thursday, the both Nobel dresses are so greige.
Her hairdo doesn't do justice for the lovely tiara at all. And from the side view one can see how the tiara is too up at her head.
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Another beautiful appearance. A lovely soft color with just the right amount of sequins a and lace and tulle. She is one of the only princesses I like with tiara and hair down, maybe because of the talented Swedish hairdressers?
She has never looked so beautiful as these past two appearances, come into her own
Love it! Love the color, and the sparkle! So Princess-sy!
I love the green gown! So classic, elegant, and a beautiful shade of green.
It is a dress with nice shade of green. A very simple dress from By Malina. It looked better with that different jacket last year. Now Madeleine ruined everything by wearing that ugly fur coat inside, it looked really odd. She needed a jacket, because this is a very solemn event and she felt that she couldn't wear the dress without a jacket. But she should have had another jacket. The fur coat inside looks totally out of place.

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Can we get this in English please? Were there any videos in the article?

No videos, just photos. You can use Google Translate to get the English translation.

It's not perfect, but basically it talks about how everyone wanted to see Madeleine since they announced the pregnancy, but you couldn't see any belly yet. And it talks about some of the other guests.
Thanks! Can't you post a Google Translate link to the article here?
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