Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 5: May 2013 - February 2015

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You beat me to it Sarahbellar, as I was just about to post this. :D :flowers:
I love the lacy top, the colour suits Madeleine and is very soft and pretty. However, I'm not so sure about the black seethrough top underneath, as it is a little unnecessary and out of place with the lace IMO. I like Madeleine's leggins/trousers too, they look much better with the top than the pink ones that the model is wearing.
Love the lace peplum top, Madeleine looks sophisticated and chic!
Madeleine looks lovely in this outfit. Very feminine. Love her hair off of her face with the soft curls...
Too bad there isn't a full length photo. One really can't tell what she looks like from the pic provided. Her hair and makeup look pretty.
Madeline looks beautiful even if its not my favorite dress. But next to Valentino and Strange.
Madeline looks beautiful even if its not my favorite dress. But next to Valentino and Strange.

I agree, I feel that Madeleine has worn better outfits (though I quite like the lace on her sleeves and the effect it gives off), but she herself looks wonderful.
She looks great, hair,makeup, earrings and love the dress, great cut for her, length, neckline and sleeves interest. Hope it is a Valentino!
:previous: I don't know what it is with this gown but it just misses the mark somehow. When you think of Ballerina Length gowns you think of elegant, full skirted confections and this just doesn't cut it.

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ps: I love the shoes /\ :flowers:

Addition: Just came across this photo and I have to admit the "lace" sleeves of this gown look more like body art (tattoos) than lace and the body of the dress like shiney denim! :ermm:
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She herself looks lovely, but I don't care for the dress. It looks kind of matronly.
:previous:I agree. The style and shape of the dress do not flatter Madeleine at all.
I love the style of he black lace on her but is it the top that lets it down? Not sure though the whole thing is very flattering to her shape IMO
Princess Madeleine looked really gorgeous last night, I loved her gown, the light lavender color really suits her, it made her eyes appear to be the same color as her gown. Loved the tiara and everything about her, very well done!
She really is a beauty. Absolutely stunning.
All the Details the dress all it absolutely stunning she looks beautiful ??
Absolutely stunning! Finally looking like the princess she is. Her hair, jewels, and her gown nearly took my breath away... Wonderful to see her back in her element again.
Okay, I didn't think I would say this but I like her dress the best out of everyone. The dress is pretty and appropriate and fits her well. The tiara and earrings top things off very well. Well done, Madeleine.
Madeleine looks really lovely. That color brings out the best of her eyes.
She herself looks lovely, but I don't care for the dress. It looks kind of matronly.
It´s wayyyy to goth and aging for her. This would be a nice choice for her mother. She wears this one rather often, and i don´t like it on her at all.

i was going to say madeleine was the only good one of the ladies tonight, and her dress is lovely, but then i saw your second picture and i have to disagree. the lady behind her wearing that amazing golden bandage dress wins hands down. who is she? she looks superb. but madeleine still retains the best of the royal outfits prize. :) her dress is by Fadi el Khoury, who also dressed victoria for madeleine's wedding and did a fantastic job back then too - he surely knows how to make a dress!
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