Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 5: May 2013 - February 2015

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I don't like the tiara worn like a third eye!

agreed! She does not benefit from wearing it this way. It makes the whole outfit look bad.

I like the dress, but not with the tiara this way. It's too distracting.
Very nice maternity look. Nice experimentation with jewels, good to see them worn instead of in the vault.
Tiara is rather new and " strange".

Not new at all. A family tiara Madeleine got as her 18th birthday tiara. She hasn't worn it in a while though.... until now...

I was so hoping the tiara was lost and never to be seen again. sigh! It really looks weird worn like that.
The tiara is thought to have belonged to Queen Louise of Sweden (1889-1965).
The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: The Swedish Aquamarine Bandeau Tiara

The dress is nice, maybe another colour would have been a better choice. And I would have wanted to see a small brooch at the sash.
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The Cyclops tiara has never been one of my favorites, however Maddie has found a fabulous way of making it look great! I love this look with the gown -- a winner all around!
Am I the only one thrilled to see the reappearance of this tiara? I was always fascinated by it but it was totally washed out by Madeleine's "blonde" locks, or covered by an overabundance of curls. But, just looking at it on it's own, with that truely magnificent aqumarine, it is a wonderful classic Art Deco treasure.

But I love her gown. It's colour flatters a less tanned and no longer blonde Madeleine and is in perfect accord with her tiara with one complimenting the other.

Perhaps I am a bit old fashioned, but the style of Madeleine's gown is really elegant, a perfect balance of satin and lace. A beautifully feminine lace, and lace over satin bodice with a restrained, lightly pleated effect for the skirt. Perfect for a woman of her age and beautiful on a pregnant woman.
I really like the tiara and look on Madeleine here. I know she could rock anything but imho this outfit looks great. Reminds me of Wonder Woman!
I really like the dress worn yesterday night. Its such a nice color, classic and elegant. It's a perfect dress for a pregnant lady IMO and also a good investment as this dress can so easily be altered for a later time.

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