Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 9: July 2013 - October 2013

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I wish Charlene had worn a dress while meeting the patriarch.
The outfit at the ballet is odd but looks good on Charlene and would be great for some other event, but unsuitable for the wife of a Head of State at an event at an official visit abroad. Her hairdo isn't a success.
Charlene looked so good at the fashion show, why she can't do it at an official visit, that is a mystery for me.
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I really like the grey dress she wore to the ballet. Not a big fan of the hair but I can't have everything!
I'm posting this pic of Caroline and Charlotte at a gala yesterday because coincidentally they are both wearing the colours Charlene has worn recently (grey/black), but unlike Charlene, both have fantastic accessories /jewellery that make the outfits work.

Albert and Charlene attended the Bolshoi last night.

The color is not that flattering but the gown is fine. I love her hair.
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Like the hair, quite like the style of the dress but I don't think the colour does her any favours - I think it makes her look washed out. I really don't like her make up especially the lipstick - she looks like she's channeling Barbie.

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