Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 11: November 2013 - March 2015

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Yes, me too. Charlene looks good in this colour and has chosen a nice look for this particular engagement.
I think the dress is excellent both for style and colour. The sandals are too flimsy to my liking.
The dress itself is nothing special, but that colour looks fantastic on her -- as do all brights. I'm loving the sandals with this look.

Nice new colour for Princess Charlene who met the volunteers from the Red Cross mobilized for the Grand Prix, in Monaco today, May 22:

** Full view **

Much, much better than the hideous Louis Vuitton "dress" of the engagement before.

A very patriotic and stylish Princess at the Monaco Grand Prix today


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A lovely look for her: nice style and colours and a good fit. The white and red is striking and yes, patriotic. Her shoes visible anywhere?
Loving her in all of her outfits so far!! White and bright colors are great on Charlene.
All the outfits stand on itself and are okay. In my opinion Charlène did no good to the outfits by wearing such a strong lipstick. Especially the bright pink lipstick in combination with the dress made it all looking vulgar. The white dress with the red stripe (reminding me to a Roman Senator) is nice but again the lipstick and the lack of a charming princessy smile did no good to it either.
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Good to see her in another strong colour, but I think the eye makeup is a little heavy. Seems like her jewellery box is closed at the moment - perhaps it's all at the polishers being made ready for the State visit:)

The shade of pink on her is lovely and the cut is flattering but I don't like the fact it looks uncompleted, the sleeves. The one side short sleeves doesn't look good with the other side being sleeveless.

The hair and make up is lovely. She looks really nice when she goes for heavier makeup IMO.
Oh, I've seen it now elsewhere. - I don't mind the colour and lipstick, but she would have gone hungry as you cannot eat or drink anything with that amount of lipstick in shocking pink.

I think she looks excellent in a cold and distant way. - I think the dress is too strong to accommodate any jewellery, so it's only good she wore the plain dress.
I like the look overall, the strong colour, the make up and the hair. I wish the sleeves matched as I think the lopsided look doesn't really work. A smile would have been nice but I'm not reading trouble in paradise because of that. ?

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Charlene has been looking great so far, and I'm pleased to see that she hasn't gone back to wearing black all the time. I like her outfit she wore to the Grand Prix, it's very 'her' IMO. I'm not so keen on the red stripe though, but since it's patriotic, I'll give it a pass. Her pink dress looked stunning! She looked very elegant at the gala dinner. Bright colours like this seem to suit her.
Sadly the very hard colour of dress and lipstick, with the hautaine look and the split showing her legs make it all a bit off-key and bordering tackiness. I wonder what it is with Charlène. Anyway, we will see how she appears coming week in the Netherlands.
Way too dramatic for my taste. The only thing I loved was her hair! Too much make-up. Nothing regal about this look.
I like the pink dress very much. The cuff is my favorite, so beautiful and modern. Also, the hairstyle is very nice.
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Love the pink dress except the sleeve part which doesn't do antthing hair and make up really fun;)
Hate the pink gown. The uneven sleeve makes the dress look unfinished and sloppy. I also think her make-up was way too overpowering.

Loved the white dress with the red stripe. I though it was really cute and her make-up was on point.
She looks great! The outfit is a great color and classic style.
She looks stunning and her new hairstyle really, really suits her!
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