Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 6: May 2015 - June 2016

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Love this coat. Princess Marie of Denmark has the same one and wore it earlier this year. It's very simple, but chic. I love it.

i agree, that´s a lovely coat. i also liked it very much on marie.
madeleine has a shorter version of the coat, and sofia has a very similar one from maje. they both wore theirs on the same day for the opening of the parliament which looked somewhat strange. it didn´t help that victoria also wore a very similar jacket from milly but with black background with white details.

madeleine in paule ka, sofia in maje and victoria in their very similar coats, all worn together
Although Stephanie was beautiful yesterday the choice of pants and shoes were unfortunate.
I love Stephanie's top, but the trousers and shoes are simply awful.

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At first I didn't mind Stephanie's outfit, though after looking more closely I'm giving it a miss. It seems mismatched to me, the trousers and shoes do not go with the top very well. It's a pity, because the top is beautiful.
:previous: I think Stephanie looks fine. We are so used to her "misses" that we made assumptions looking at a bad photo that didn't show the waist clearly and assumed it was a mishmash.

She is looking quite elegant and I love her makeup, hair and jewellery. Strangely enough, the silver shoes don't bother me as her skin is so pale as to be almost luminescent.
Her outfit doesn't look bad at all but the fact it's a jumpsuit, that doesn't work for me.
I don´t like her outfit.
The lighting is bad, but the jumpsuit also looks weird and shoes do not go with the jumpsuit.
But i like her makeup and hair.
I might be the only one, but I like the jumpsuit on her. The top with the lace is lovely and it seems to flatter her figure. I might not have picked silver shoes with this, but, all in all, I think she looks great. The hair and makeup are wonderful.
No, I don't think it was the lighting. The jumpsuit accentuated the fact that she doesn't have a well-defined waist and isn't a size 0. To be clear, I'm not criticizing her for her weight; in fact, I would argue that most normal women look horrible in jumpsuits for the same reasons, because jumpsuits are my cut in a flattering way for non-size 0 ladies (the waist inevitably looks "hiked up" and makes you look ridiculous).

I love the idea of this outfit but feel that Stephanie should have gone for the separates version of it - i.e. Pants with a looser but not wide line, and a top with a ribbon or other defining feature that defined her actual waist, not a point above it.

In other words, simple clean lines are best for HRH, in my opinion.
:previous: I see what you mean. I think Stephanie has a longer body and the trousers make her look short waisted so the balance is completely thrown off by this ensemble. I have to admit, to me there is too much black for all it suits her skin tone.

The redeeming features are her makeup, hair and jewellery.
I don't like so much the jacket but overall look is nice!
This was really beautiful. Perhaps a black shoe would have been better, but this outfit is so pretty and put together, I feel bad complaining.
I don't think the DVF does her any's ok but not very flattering.

I love Stephanie's updo, it is so very flattering and she seems to have a relatively light hand with makeup that suits her. Her red and black patterned dress is a lovely colour combination and her jacket, while a little too "at the office", for my personal taste, is beautifully fitted so I'll give it a pass. But for me, the pièce de résistance is her gorgeous red shoes! They are wonderful. :wub:

ps: Is anyone else having trouble trying to distinguish details on dark material in photos lately?
I like the dress and jacket combination. Stephanie looks very nice.

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This was really beautiful. Perhaps a black shoe would have been better, but this outfit is so pretty and put together, I feel bad complaining.

Exactly. She looks perfect except for the red shoes which remind me of Dorothy's ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz...I wish she had worn dark shoes but she looks great otherwise.
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Extremely nice outfit. Perfect hair also. It's a pitty she doesn't realize how much better she is with skirts.
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