Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 6: May 2015 - June 2016

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At first, the dress looked nice but looking closer, it's ill fitted and looks a size too small especially round the arms and chest area. Nevertheless, the overall with the hair isn't bad.
Ugh...I really wish she would get some help with her clothing.

Housewife, 1970. I can't believe her choice of clothes and the bad fit of the clothes.
Not a very good start!!! Lets hope to surprise us later!!
Odd choice and it also needs a gentle tug to flatten out the ripple.
This seems to be straining in the tummy area to me.
Incredibly ugly colors and print. Lovely hairdo however
:previous: Yes on the diamond leaves.

Prefer the banquet look. Not my favorite gown, but at least seems to fit her, and her hair looks good with the tiara.

The striped dress is a major fail. 70's in a bad way, not fashionable retro. Not only doesn't fit but it looks wrinkled. The wrinkles, or perhaps clumping of a tight dress :ermm: is even more obvious with the pattern.
Tonights dress is ok but I wonder why Stephanie is not wearing an order?
Oh!! Stephanie!! Change stylist or whatever soon!!!!!!!
Dress unflattering but the hair and make up styled with that tiara was spot on.
She doesn't have a stylist , and I don't think there is any chance her style will change any time soon.
Always a delight to see her in evening dress with tiara, beautiful hair and that smile.
These Princess has a porcelain skin and such a nice smile.

Why should she be like the other royals Ladies , if she likes being dresses so.

HGD Josephine Charlotte was asked by Grand Duchess Charlotte not to wear low cut evening dresses anymore.
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