Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 6: May 2015 - June 2016

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What a weird outfit. Plunging neckline, flowery print blouse, long jacket and giant wide trousers in contrasting color. Why not just a plain monochromatic pants suit with a normal looking printed blouse? She shouldn,t wear low necklines or long jackets or wide trousers, they are all wrong for her petite frame.
That outfit is a mess- it makes her look like a kid playing dress up.

I really wish she would find a consistent style that works for her, instead of dressing older than she is and wrong for her body type.
She looks very messy the pants ... to start ...what on earth is happening I am lost here. The blouse is not bad not good either and the jacket is very matronly.. I know so many of you love that word !!!! but it is truly very aging one her.IMO
^^^ I agree. I do love the color of the jacket & blouse but the wide legged pants aren't the best.
Blue and black dress at a dinner with members of parliament on April 28th. The fabric is not forgiving... :ermm:

More at Luxemburger Wort - A royal reception for members of parliament

Octave: Repeated coat from GD Maria Teresa and a hat Princess Tessy wore at Octave 2012. Looks like a hi-low green dress under the coat.
Navy dress just doesn't fit at all, the waistand belt are all over the place not at her waist.
The coat is nice if a little tight. The green dress should not have showed underneath.Great hair and hat.
I have not followed her activities for ages (..) The coat is OK but the blue dress no. She looks older.
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The navy dress makes her look enormous and just isn't fitting properly the brocade looks tight .. really messy I hate to say it but her whole look just gets worse is there a reason for this does anyone have any answers to that question?
Blue dress was just horrible. So ill fitted she looked huge. If she couldn't have the belt in the right place, she should have ditched it all together. It wasn't cinching in the waist or doing anything for the dress anyways. Would have looked better without it.

Her hair was stunning in the green outfit. And from the back the coat looked great (minus that you could see the hem of the dress). But from the front you could see it was a bit tight. Certainly a better look than the blue.
I think the colour of Stephanie's blue dress is nice, but that's about it. I know this will sound harsh but I can't think of any other words to describe what I think about this; but the poor fitting of the dress makes it appear as if she put it on sloppily and didn't bother to tidy herself up when she arrived at the event. (Which most likely wasn't the case, that's just how it comes across to me though.)

Her second look is much better and professional looking. I love the green dress, and even though I'm not a fan of the coat, I like it here just because it "completes" the sophisticated feel of the outfit IMO.
:previous: Stephanie's hair is amazing and very elegant, as indeed was her entire ensemble, for all it seemed a little snug in front.
The navy dress would have looked great if it was the right size. However, it was too small and did not do Stephanie any favors. The other outfit is lovely. The coat is elegant and the hat is a nice touch.

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:previous:Indeed, I love the white blouse on the first day and her dinner dress is perfectly acceptable.

Day 2 and I love her dress and her lovely little shoes but the jury is still out on the jacket. Her hairstyle for daywear on both day 1 and day 2 was perfectly professional and for the day 1 evening, quite simple yet elegant.
Her outfits in China aren't so ugly so far, except that red jacket outfit in Beijing...

[FONT=&quot]From wha[/FONT]t I can gather, this is day 3 in Beijing. A few more photos: - check out the shoes

[FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Looks [/FONT]like a repea[/FONT]t[FONT=&quot] from [/FONT]April 23, with a red jacket for [FONT=&quot] China’s [/FONT] colour this time.

[FONT=&quot]P.S. Ac[/FONT]tually it looks like the same outfit, just different shades of the jacket in photographs.
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Wow, she is actually doing great in China for her:flowers:

I love the white blouse her first day. Great interest with the sleeves :)

Her first evening dress is nothing exciting but professional and good choice for event. And fits well. Her hair is simple but elegant for the event.

I really like the yellow skirt/dress. The pop of color is great on her. I even like the shoes. The coat is a nice break in the bright yellow dress.

Only miss for me is Day 3, and the very recent repeat. Those bloody black trousers that need to be hemmed, cant see the shoes. I still like the print of the top but seeing the coat a second time, I am not a fan.
The ensemble is classic and well-tailored. The overall look is fine.
I have a very high regard of Stephanie. She is rarer than rare. Her head has not been turned. She has not taken on the 'false face' for the camera. How rare this is few know. :in_love: That's what I think. Just thought I'd say.
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I think she is doing very well on this tour, although it is obvious she doesn't have a hairdresser in their entourage.

I love the way she cocks her head to one side when she is listening to someone speak. She always looks like she is fully engaged and has the loveliest, gentlest, smile.
The evening dress was pretty unflattering, it looked like a maternity dress on a non expecting lady.

The outfits aren't bad but they weren't styled properly or worn with the right pieces.
Stephanie looks like she always does nothing new here. The pants need t be burned .
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