Crown Princess Mary's Patronages and Charities: 2005 - 2023

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That is in line with what is both a growing trend as well as something owners of gardens are encouraged to do: Leaving a patch of the garden to itself. Letting things grow and die there in accordance with the natural rythm of the seasons.
No moving grass, no weeding, no cropping, leave dead leaves alone and if you have a stump of wood or a thick branch leave it to rot.
That attracts more insects and a wider range of them, which again attracts more birds.

Even though DK has a surprising amount of nature (in the eyes of many foreigners) only a tiny amount is completely undisturbed. The rest is more or less groomed. Trees are felled and cleared away and so on. Even the large stretches of woodland in in particular Jutland, that are home to hundreds of thousands of red deer are plantations temporarily inhabited by wildlife.
The result is the the rural bio-diversity has gone down dramatically, not least insects that are vital in pollinating crops have gone down to near critical levels.
While they can find food, they have problems finding places to live - safe places that is. The result is that the number and diversity of birds go down.
So farmers have been urged to leave patches of undisturbed land on their fields.

In the meantime all wildlife that can adapt, have migrated towards the villages, suburbia, and even inner cities. So today the place with most and most thriving bio-diversity are the gardens in suburbia and the groves and other patches of land surrounding villages and suburban neighborhoods - that are full of humans enjoying nature while going for walks or jogging.
So life is great of you are a small to medium sized bird that is not too specialized and if you are a rodent, badger, or a fox.
But... things like bees are not particularly popular in suburbia or the cities, for obvious reasons. So they have problems finding a place to build hives - and being left alone. And they too a essential for pollinating flowers in the gardens. There is a limit to how far bees will and can fly.

Hence this very inclusive project where ordinary Danes are urged to keep an eye the local or just the garden, see and observe what is going on in regards to flora and fauna, upload the stories and photos and talk about it as well as asking questions to experts. People get more committed if they belong to an active, albeit online, community - and the botanists, ornitologists and biologist get info for free.
Basically with very little effort you can follow the local "wildlife" from your window while feeling that you contribute just a little bit to adding to the biodiversity of Denmark.
It has been embraced enthusiastically nationwide! - It was already a popular pursuit, now more organized.

I have for years had a lot of pleasure in watching the birds feed from the bird-stands in our garden (I can strongly recommend cheese! Pizza-toppings is extremely popular with practically every bird and right away.) It's entertaining live feel good TV. With the performers looking better, being better dressed, sounding better and sounding more clever as well than those on the electronic TV. And what they do makes a lot more sense than what they do on TV...
And sometimes a peregrine swoosh by.

For a keen photographer as Mary the allure of getting of getting just the right shot or a bird or a hare must be tempting.
"Every Thursday we are some "pandas" who chose photos of Danish species in the Insta event #fornaturenWWF. Thank you to our President, HRH the Crown Princess for her commitment and interest. Not least in the kingfisher, which we have talked a lot about! Winking face And HUGE thanks for the many amazing photos"
Like many meetings of Mary's and Frederik's, no mention on calendar.

:previous: gallery with some of the selected photos
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Crown Princess Mary new beautiful picture

"My last picture was taken in the same place as last week. And what a difference a week can make. For now the bees have found their way ��You experience something new in nature every day - so my call must be: Go on an experience in the green and become wiser about our beautiful nature! ⁣
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CP Mary today:

"I would like to thank all the Danes who have shared nature pictures and stories from Denmark in our digital project 'Together for nature'. ⁣

The several thousand pictures have made it even clearer to everyone how much diversity and variety there is in the Danish nature. Both of species, habitats and of the common and the rare. The many pictures and the high quality of the pictures are proof that nature is of great importance to us all."
Crown Princess Mary received as patron today the chairman of the board of Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) Niels Eskildsen and the organization's new CEO Federica Marchionni, who told about GFA's priorities in the work to ensure a more sustainable fashion industry.
:previous: Good topic to put awareness on, because the textile-industy is very polluting, certainly on a local scale, and as such also on a global scale.
Mary visits events in connection with EuroGames.
EuroGames is a sporting event with 22 different disciplines and is held as part of "Copenhagen 2021". Mary is the patron of "Copenhagen 2021".

gallery from the DRF
The EuroGames sports event is part of the event ′′ Copenhagen 2021 ′′ which will take place in Copenhagen this week. As a patron, Her Royal Highness visited the Crown Princess on Friday afternoon Bellahøj Hallerne and Swimming Stadium, where several of the competitions are held.
During her visit, the Crown Princess witnessed both handball and water polo. Along the way, Her Royal Highness was briefed on Pan Sport's work to be an inclusive sports association, creating physical and social development opportunities in sports, where equality and community are focused.
EuroGames offers competitions within 22 sports and a folk sports program in both Copenhagen and Malmö throughout the week.
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Video from Billed Bladet

Difficult to put into words how truly important Mary's continued (and very vocal) dedication to the LGBTI+ community is. But I think the above video is a pretty good example of how much her support is appreciated.
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She looks great. Another event not on the official calendar but glad we got pictures
Crown Princess Mary has sent a message to mark today's Human Rights Day:

Today is International Human Rights Day. It is a day to celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. In a world where human dignity is still violated, it is important to remind each other of respect for human rights.

In late October, I visited Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world. Burkina Faso is characterized by climate change, conflict and instability and about seven percent of the population lives as internally displaced persons. This has serious consequences - especially for the most vulnerable groups who are often girls and women. During the visit, I met girls who told heartbreaking experiences about rape, nuisances after circumcision, attempts to get married off, to become mothers while still being a child, and to have to fight to maintain schooling.

The positive thing was that the girls received help at the UNICEF-supported Gisèle Kambou Center, which I visited together with Minister for Development Aid Flemming Møller Mortensen. The center can not reach everyone, but helps as many girls as possible - among other things, get an education and access to reproductive health services.
Denmark has a strong voice in the world when it comes to girls' and women's conditions and rights. These are efforts I am proud to support. Thanks to the girls for standing up and telling their stories. I would like to use my platform to bring them forward and create awareness of the need to help where we can.

Happy International Human Rights Day to all!

- H.K.H. The Crown Princess.

** instagram post **
What a wonderful post by Mary. I love her fervent support and outspokenness in regards to this very important and relevant issue to today's global community.
"On a sunny summer day, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess as president of the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature invited Secretary General of the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature Bo Øksnebjerg on a walk among wild flowers, weeds and fallen trees in the private garden attached to the Crown Prince Couple's residence at Fredensborg Castle"


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I'm sure that's a problem in many countries.

The population and diversity of insects in DK is dropping fast and a lot! Not least bees and similar pollinating critters.
That is of course a problem for the general flora but also for agriculture, because so much of our agriculture is based on ecology. But the majority of our agriculture is intensive, with the use of lots of weedkillers.
But insects need a variety of flowers because not all flowers can be harvested for pollen at the same time. So a large field, devoid of weed or other forms of flowers in some numbers is basically a desert. A deserts the insects can't cross, because there are way too few pitstops in the form of weed or flowers to refuel on - so the the insects die. Including the useful ones.
And when they are gone, the birds who live on the insects vanish as well.

So over the previous years, various initiatives have been made in order to encourage the public as well as farmers to make life easier for insects in simply creating a small oasis here and there. That can be a pond in the middle of a cornfield, or not trimming the vegetation along the edges of roads more than absolutely necessary. Planting flowers and bushes along the edges of fields.
For people who have a garden it's encouraged to leave a corner of the garden unattended, a small wilderness as we see in the photos with Mary. And/or have a compost heap, which is a haven for beetles and birds who eat them.
In parks and woods more and more trees and tree-stumps are simply left to rot when they fall and are only removed if they constitute a hazard to the public, because so many insects and birds live in rotting trees.
The problem with unattended undergrowth is of course wildfire, not least as we experience more droughts these years and in a reasonably densely populated country wildfires are not necessarily a desirable thing, even though nature actually benefits from fires. So it's a balance act.

We are in still in the early stages of this popular and nationwide flora-rewilding and so far the number of insects and as such birds have not yet begun to increase.
An important issue for sure. Nice glimpse of their gardens. Mary looks great and always a treat to see Grace ?
H.K.H. The Crown Princess presides over the official opening of the Odense Flower Festival. Flakhaven, Odense, at 17.00.

In connection with the opening of the Odense Flower Festival, the Crown Princess will be presented with a number of the festival's exhibitions and name a new rose with a special history.

The festival gathers around a theme every year, and this year the theme is "The Adventure Garden".

really beautiful

The Crown Princess stopped by the Environmental Tent in connection with the opening of the Flower Festival.
Here, the Crown Princess tried, among other things, our new game about making less waste. "It's easy", she said and placed the card on the playing board.
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A couple of videos from today:

How sweet to commemorate 10 years of Mary being Patron:

Mary surprised by ballet girls
And then the Crown Princess got the sweetest surprise on stage.

It happened when talented ballet girls danced onto the stage one by one and presented 10 flowers as a symbol of Mary's patronage anniversary.

Mary just had to surrender when the last flowers were danced up on stage to her by the local ballet school's very youngest ballerinas.

The Crown Princess had to surrender: Mary got the sweetest surprise on stage | BILLED-BLADET (
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Mary starts her visit to Greenland today, with a nice Instagram post

Her program
Tuesday, August 23

The Crown Princess participates together with a primary school class in activities organized by the WWF World Nature Foundation At 13.45
In 2020, the Crown Princess was appointed President of the WWF World Wildlife Fund, which works to protect endangered animal species and spread solutions that can ensure a better future for nature and the planet. In Nuuk, Her Royal Highness will participate in activities related to plastic challenges organized by the WWF World Nature Fund.

The Crown Princess visits the Children's and Youth House Mælkebøtten At 15.45
The Crown Princess, together with the Mary Foundation, will visit the Children's and Youth House Mælkebøtten, which is a combination of a creative activity center and shelter as well as a crisis center for children. The purpose of the Dandelion Center is, among other things, through dialogue, mutual human respect and conflict resolution to create pattern breakers and prevent suicide, sexual abuse and crime among young people.

Wednesday, August 24

The Crown Princess attends the conference "Together on grief" At 9.30
As patron of Children, Youth & Grief and the National Grief Center, Her Royal Highness will also participate in the conference "Together on Grief", which with the participation of representatives from the Government of Greenland, municipalities, authorities and other relevant professionals will focus on various issues within grief , including processing grief in the family.

The Crown Princess participates in the UNLEASH event At 13.15
During the visit, Her Royal Highness will participate in an event organized by UNLEASH, which is a global initiative that mobilizes young talent in community leadership, problem solving and the launch of social and environmental solutions. UNLEASH works from a vision to be the world's most inclusive platform for young people to create a sustainable future.

The Crown Princess visits UNICEF Denmark in Greenland At 3:30 p.m
UNICEF Denmark's office in Greenland works to strengthen children's rights all over the world, and in close cooperation with the Self-Government of Greenland, UNICEF Denmark established the NAKUUSA project in 2011. The main purpose of the project is to increase Greenlanders' knowledge of the principles and values ​​of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and thereby strengthen the foundation for their implementation.

the DRF should really take advantage of their YouTube channel and put these speeches on video there with English subtitles. It is not that hard to do and more people would see the speeches!
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