Crown Princess Mary's Patronages and Charities: 2005 - 2023

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the DRF should really take advantage of their YouTube channel and put these speeches on video there with English subtitles. It is not that hard to do and more people would see the speeches!

Yes, that's a pity.
Even Google translate has become so good that official and clear speeches like this results in a good translation.

It's only when speaking day to day Danish (or any other language) that it can't provide more than a rudimentary translation.

I will suggest some of you, the more the merrier, simply write the court and suggest it.
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She looks good with those glasses. I've noticed she's begun to wear glasses more and more often when on the job.
Mary apparently had two important meetings today, one with WHO and one with WWF, to discuss important topics related to each. The meetings are explained here:

Why these meetings were not on her calendar, given these were meetings with her patronages is beyond me. But I've given up figuring out why Mary's (and Frederik's ) events/meetings, etc. never seem to make it onto the DRF calendar. Anyway, the link is above.
The Crown Princess of Denmark addresses the 73rd session of the Regional Committee for the WHO Regional Office for Europe
"Many thousands of Danes live with rare diseases that only a few others know, and the patients are often children.
Since 2005, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess has been the patron of Rare Diagnoses, which is an association of more than half a hundred associations that take care of the interests of citizens affected by rare diseases and handicaps.
Today the Crown Princess attended a working meeting with the chairman of Rare Diagnosis Birthe Byskov Holm, director Lene Jensen and information officer Julie Schmidt Hansen.
The meeting was also attended by Malene Ramsing Roest and Silas Andersen Roest from the Crouzon association, who gave the Crown Princess an insight into what it's like to live with a rare disease in Denmark.
During the meeting, Her Royal Highness received, among other things, an update on developments within diagnosis and treatment options of rare diseases and handicap. In addition, Rare Diagnosis's work to provide support and counselling to rare citizens and their relatives, including through the counselling offer Helpline, was also on the agenda."
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Novo Nordisk is now perhaps the biggest DK company, even surpassing Mærsk shipping.

If you are a diabetic or is getting the recently introduced injections in order to lose weight (they do work, even though it's of course not meant for people who are obese but not suffering from diabetes) there is very high probability indeed that the medication you get is from Novo Nordisk. - Sometimes at insane prices! Bordering on daylight robbery. Certainly in USA where the market for medication is much less regulated than in other countries.

Anyway, Novo Nordisk work closely with the DRF abroad in promoting export and goodwill, in return Novo Nordisk also support various charitable organizations, which the DRF can get involved with. Good for the state coffer and creates jobs...
So Mary will know the people behind Novo Nordisk very well by now.
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