Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 15: September 2021 - January 2024

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"Museum Ovartaci in Aarhus has a very special prehistory, which also played a role today, when Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess reopened the museum.

For the museum's foundation rests on two collections – a psychiatry history collection and an internationally recognized art collection of works created by people with psychiatric diagnoses.

Among the artists is Ovartaci, who has given his name to the museum. Ovartaci was actually called Louis Marcussen and was hospitalized for 56 years from 1929 at the Psychiatric Hospital in Risskov, and the name Ovartaci is his own paraphrase of "Overtosse". During his time as a patient, Ovartaci created countless works that, combined with his personal history, today form the basis of the museum."
It's a most remarkable museum!

Some of the artwork being quite a bit disturbing.

Back when I lived an worked in Aarhus, one of my co-workers had been an orderly at that hospital and it so happens that one of the most famous patients lived nearby and we often saw him walking to or from the main library in Aarhus. The man devoured books, being incredibly intelligent, but also a very regular patient at hospital.
He was nicknamed Dronningen af Saba = The Queen of Sheba. (And that's a s far as I will go in naming him.) The reason being that he at some point believed himself to be the Queen of Sheba.
Now a queen can't have male genitalia, so he removed them - with a hammer and a chisel.
A was a mulititalent, some of his paintings being exhibited at this museum - but some of these quite valuable paintings ended up in the hands of some the employees, including my co-worker, because they were given away and not all remembered to follow the protocol and hand them over to the hospital...
He was also a very skilled carpenter and at some point he decided to build a helicopter and fly away form the hospital. He build every little piece, every little cog, every little screw, the control panels, the meters, the blades, everything was made in wood!
He toiled away for months and when the big day came, he was absolutely devastated because the helicopter wouldn't take off.
Pieces of that helicopter was also displayed at that museum.
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The people welcoming Mary and Mary herself are very lightly dressed for the weather today!

It's actually pretty cold. Less than 10 degrees C counting the windchill factor.
Mary today.

"Girls and women's right to decide over their own bodies was the theme of Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess's speech at a round table discussion at Christiansborg today.

Here, the Crown Princess expressed her pride in Denmark's efforts for the health and rights of girls and women. Not least at a time when the climate crisis, COVID-19 and refugee displacement have put the conditions of the most exposed and vulnerable girls and women under further pressure.

As a member of the high-level commission that will follow up on the global Nairobi summit in 2019, the Crown Princess gave a status on the commission's latest report, which shows both progress and setbacks for the world's women.

Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy Dan Jørgensen was also present at the meeting, which was held by the Parliament's cross-political network for sexual and reproductive health and rights."

"Today I received a special guest in the Parliament.
H.K.H The Crown Princess is deeply committed to the rights of girls and women.
In my role as the front person for the Folketingets bipolitical network for sexual health and rights, I was the host of a roundtable discussion about Denmark's efforts for girls, women and sexual minorities around the world.
When ministers and other delegations travel into the world and urge countries to ensure girls freedom and rights, the Crown Princess is happy to come along. And then we listen in a slightly different way
There are so many things up for grabs.
Girls and women are denied access to abortion and birth control -
more than 800 women die worldwide every day as a result of unsafe abortions and inadequate birth services.
Girls and women are exposed to systematic rape and abuse in wars and conflicts.
There is so much to do - but fortunately, there is broad support across the political parties format to continue the work.
And with attention, great commitment and enormous knowledge, the Crown Princess contributes in the very best way"

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Girls and women's right to decide over their own bodies

Is under pressure in many countries world wide, and certainly not only in third world countries...

ADDED: In fact Mary doesn't even have to leave the realm.
The Faeroe Islands have one of the strictest legislation regarding abortion in Europe. And tolerance towards homosexuals (which Mary also advocate) on the islands is at best just that: Tolerated. And no more!

But it's a political hot potato that the DRF stay very clear off and has to stay very clear of.

Oh, and did I mention the "traditional" hunt for pilot whales? Last year was a massacre that even disgusted a lot of the islanders!
The Faeroe Islands is a fantastic, mesmerizing place and absolutely worth a visit, with a stunning scenery and with an old and deep culture. But quite a few of the islanders so much suffer from island-mentality!
As such if there ever was a referendum in DK about unilaterally granting the Faeroe Islands independence, they would be on their own five minutes after the result was published. That would be a safe bet.
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And this time the municipality learned from a previous mistake made in that part of DK back in 2016.
Back then Mary also opened a new school, but the municipality (the public school are run and administered by the municipalities, but overseen according to guidelines by the Ministry of Education) made sure the special class with children who have special need had been send away on an excursion that day.

We really can't have idiots and freaks ruining the idyllic photos of the school board and the mayor together with the Crown Princess. :ermm: :ohmy: - Oh yes, there were also nice pics of neat looking children and the most presentable teachers in the background. :D

Needless to say that decision caused quite a stir back in 2016!

I do wonder however, why Mary a pyjamas?!?
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And this time the municipality learned from a previous mistake made in that part of DK back in 2016.
Back then Mary also opened a new school, but the municipality (the public school are run and administered by the municipalities, but overseen according to guidelines by the Ministry of Education) made sure the special class with children who have special need had been send away on an excursion that day.

We really can't have idiots and freaks ruining the idyllic photos of the school board and the mayor together with the Crown Princess. :ermm: :ohmy: - Oh yes, there were also nice pics of neat looking children and the most presentable teachers in the background. :D

Needless to say that decision caused quite a stir back in 2016!

I do wonder however, why Mary a pyjamas?!?

Thank you very much for explaining the background and putting the headlines in perspective. I'm pleasantly surprised that some spoke up for the children in the special class.
Wow, didn't know about the 2016 event, what a scandal! I'm not surprised it has been brought up again now on a new visit to the same area but thankfully lessons have been learnt.
Yes, it was a mix of monumental thoughtlessness combined with a desire to have the school, the municipality, the organizers and mayor look perfect.

Some of the pupils in special classes don't like things out of the ordinary and can react very strongly to the commotion of a royal visit. (Hence: We can't have idiots and freaks start screaming or whatever and ruin the whole show.)
Of course they only constitute a very few pupils.
But it was decided to ship all of them away from school that day. In that way no one would be upset - and everything would appear orderly and nice. 😄

So, as mentioned before that annoyed quite a few people! Not least among the pupils in the special class who could easily have dealt with a royal visit and who had indeed looked forward to Mary visiting.

This year however, it was left to the parents to decide whether their individual children could handle the commotion. And that's how it should have been done back in 2016.

- I have to interject that while we do of course have schools for children with special needs, the overall aim is as far as it is possible to have children with special needs attending ordinary schools and again where possible attend ordinary classes. With the intention of exposing and teaching children with special needs both "normal" interaction but also in some cases that they are not the center of the universe. While at the same time teach and get "normal" children to see, learn and accept that there are people who are different and have different needs.
That was even more the case in 2016. Because of course this approach offer quite a few challenges as well.

Aaaand then there is the little issue of budgets.
It is cheaper especially for smaller municipalities to establish classes for children with special needs at "normal" or in "normal" classes, rather than build, fund and staff a special school. - Even though that in quite a few cases would be the better solution.
:previous: that is very cute. Kids want to see the tiaras and crowns.

Mary with a short interview, also reveled the Crown Prince family part of their summer
"- It has been a lovely day. First with the inauguration of a new school and then going out and hiking on a new nature trail, which is incredibly beautiful and very varied.

- So it's a really good way to start the weekend, says the crown princess to TV2 Nord.

The Crown Princess has spent the day with both senior citizens and young school students, and as the last step, the trip went outdoors to the new hiking trail.

- It provides such a good opportunity for people to get out and enjoy nature and get some exercise and have a relationship with nature, says the Crown Princess.

The Crown Prince couple together with their children have spent part of the summer in North Jutland - and it has been successful.

- We have had a good time here in North Jutland, says the conclusion."

Some more pictures at the school

and for her second event, Mary attended the inauguration of Skudestien hiking trail
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A first grader asked Mary the typical question: "Where's your crown?" Mary answered: "It's at home." And added in a whisper: "It's not a real crown as such." - And later elaborated that she doesn't wear tiaras often.

So that means the town of Skagen. No surprise, they've been there often. But AFAIK there have been no reports of sightings.

A very likely place is Birkelse Estate, the home of the Skeel family. Also a place M&F have been many times and it's pretty undisturbed.

And the of course they may have spend time at Trend lodge. Not the best place to spend a summer if mosquitoes are fond of you though!

Here are a couple of pics of Birkelse.

Birkelse is an archetypical Danish 17-1800s estate, in the sense that while stables and barns were hidden out of sight at say English manors, in Denmark you pass the stables, barns and so on, before you even get to the manor house.
This was a matter of pride, you showed off how well kept and successful your estate was, for visitors to admire and a topic for discussion later.
There were of course a number of nobles who didn't care about their estates and who were rarely there - they were looked down upon by their peers.
This goes way back before medieval times. A noble was supposed to know about his estate, know in broad terms at the very least how it was run. He was supposed to have a very good knowledge about agriculture and livestock.
So you could expect to meet him all over his estate - and of course take off your hat, bow and address him in third person. (Third person address was BTW a normal polite way of addressing people.) He was also expected to know his tenants by name - not the children and secondary relatives, but the husband and wife of a tenant farm would certainly be known by the noble.
After all the noble would give his permission for you to marry and probably have a hand in arranging a marriage on a tenant farm.
That was a mix of social security and practicality. Say a woman on a tenant farm became widow at 40. Instead of kicking her out, typically a suitable young man would be found - a solid, competent reliable man with a good reputation known by people in area, the local priest, the steward and perhaps even the noble himself. That young man might be in his mid twenties and the second or third son with few other prospects of getting a farm.
That meant a big step up the social ladder! It also meant he would get an experienced wife - who would be cared for. She probably had a few children, so that was extra free help on the farm. They were perhaps unlikely to have children, but he could have some with a farm girl and perhaps even marry her later on. People had a very practical view on illegitimate children.
So it was a marriage of convenience and a win win in most cases in fact.
He would be unlikely to abuse (too much) his wife, because she had relatives all over the area, some might very well be married into his family. And if need be he could lose his tenant farm, which meant destitution - and likely shunned by his family. After all he blew an opportunity many dreamed about.

After all you managed your estate for your children and grandchildren.

Mrs Skeel:ÆER-BIRKELSE-26-copy-8.jpg
Mr Skeel:[strip]=true&accessToken=bfbb6bd0954316ce259f7d0cd59d8887fba99e33ecb45dd3e359988140137efd
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A cute video of Mary during her hike.

Today she attended a Danish-Ukrainian evening service. A surprise is that the first lady of Ukraine is with her as the president of Ukraine and the first lady are in Denmark.

Mary was also at the airport when they arrived. Probably headed yo the service with the first lady from there.

Tomorrow, the Queen and Frederik and Mary will be at official events with the Presidential couple from Ukraine.
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And as you can tell from how Mary is dressed, we have finally had summer weather here in DK.
The temperature in many places almost reaching tropical 25 degrees C!
I tell you people are dropping like flies from sunstroke in dehydration. Humans are simply not designed to cope with such extreme temperatures.

Fortunately it's supposed to end on Thursday. 😄

These grief centers are a big success - sadly enough - because it's still difficult for most to deal with especially a child grieving. What do you say to a child that has lost a parent?!? It's an uncomfortable subject that most prefer to step around.
So it's a good thing with grief centers, especially if they are within a comfortable distance. Having to travel too far is not ideal if you are a teen or a child.
She would have met many of those who have attended before from taking part in official visits and heading commerce delegations.
"The teaching award was held today in the Opera, where H.K.H. Crown Princess Mary and
@ChristinaEgelun presented the prizes to the seven award recipients. Big congratulations See photos from the event here #dkpol #uddpol #undervisning #UFMundervispris"

DRF photos

Many more photos from the event yesterday
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I wonder why she's skipping some events like ICPD in NYC and she skipped Women Deliver in July. Events iirc she's usually attended. Huh.
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