Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 15: September 2021 - January 2024

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Crown Princess Mary and Queen Rania were welcomed by Queen Camilla at Clarence House in London today, November 28:

** Pic ** instagram post **
Crown Princess Mary attended the Violence Against Women Girls reception at Buckingham Palace today, November 29, posts about it can be found and made at this thread.
Crown Princess Mary attended the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music's Children's Cross Christmas concert at The Royal Conservatory of Music Concert Hall in Frederiksberg this afternoon, December 3.

Unannounced and therefore as a lovely surprise she was accompanied by Prince Christian!

** BB article: Skøn overraskelse: Se hvem kronprinsesse Mary havde med til koncert **

** BB video: Kronprinsesse Marys søde tradition: Nu er jeg i rigtig julestemning **

** BB: Kronprinsesse Mary og prins Christian tog forskud på julens glæder **
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Great to see Prince Christian keeping Princess Mary company at an event.
Christ, that lad is a tower ?

Wonderful to see that Christian isn't too old (and busy on a Saturday) to tag along on one of his mum's fun little engagements yet.

I wonder when the family will leave for Australia?
Christ, that lad is a tower ?

I wonder when the family will leave for Australia?

Yes, it’s already December 4th here Archduchess Zelia, and they will lose a day crossing the International Dateline … as well as about a day actually just on the plane.

Our tv stations news will let us know if they are seen arriving I think, but they may slip in under the radar.
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As usual, Crown Princess Mary getting it all on point. Another wonderful engagement from her this week. Love how she is so engaging and relatable with the awkwardness or aloofness.
A most important topic!

One of the most important ways of getting people and countries out of poverty is through education, be that basic education academic education or learning a crafts - that should go without saying.
Yet, even in highly developed countries we often see that education is often one of the areas where cuts, often very deep cuts, take place or it is in other ways eroded. Usually because tax cuts sell better or because parading cannons around is so much more spectacular than parading teachers.

For those who are into conspiracy theories, there is the corporate slave theory: You educate people just enough to enable them to perform their function: be that at a factory or office. And little else. Then work them hard so they won't have time or energy to think about their situation in life.
In my not at all unbiased political opinion, that theory doesn't seem as far out today as it used to be.

Anyway, that was just to illustrate why education everywhere is so important. So back to the poor countries.
The first to suffer from poor education are of course the poor - it's their own fault, you know. All they need to do is to earn some money and they wouldn't be poor - (Yes, that was sarcasm.) Which means they remain poor.
The next to suffer, and that pretty much overlap with the poor, are girls and women. Oppression through ignorance.
There is a YouTube channel I sometimes watch about villagers from a remote part of the world being presented with various information, very interesting actually. And sometimes they include a couple of housewives and it is obvious that they genuinely have next to no clue about what goes on outside their village. Very little schooling if any, they believe what they are told, can hardly go anywhere without being escorted by a male relative and they are kept busy from dawn to dusk looking after the home, children and husband, so very little time for thinking.
So they are ignorant, not because they are stupid, in fact a couple of the women are very sharp and inquisitive!
- It is sometimes so frustrating to watch!
Imagine the resources that are wasted because these people, be they men or women, only got a very basic education.
It is depressing to think about how many worldwide who are right now herding goats or slaving away in a kitchen, where E=MC2 would be elementary.

So when I hear people belittle education, and that happens way too often IMO, I want to hit them on the head with a shovel!

So I can only applaud what Mary is doing here.
Thanks both of you. :flowers::flowers:
Mary's looking good.

She was asked about QMII's upcoming surgery, Mary responded that it of course is on their (the family) mind, but QMII is in good spirits adding: "She is mega-cool."
:lol: Mary was fifteen minutes early. - Guess the traffic was light and instead of circling around the area as I understand is normal procedure, she just arrived and took her time posing for the photographers.
So I imagine lots of photos coming up.

- And of course the more photos, the more attention this gets.

Keeps the photographers on their toes as well.
"The focus on diversity, equality and inclusion in times of change and digitalisation was the theme of today's Gender Diversity Roundtable in UN City, which Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess attended in connection with International Women's Day.
Gender Diversity Roundtable Denmark is an equality initiative founded by UN Women and Boston Consulting Group. UN Women is the UN's organization for gender equality and improvement of women's relationships, and at the roundtable discussion the purpose of the group's members, who represent leaders from business, the academic world and civil society, work to promote gender diversity in Danish companies and organizations. This is done, among other things, through sharing knowledge, thinking and the presentation of recommendations for specific areas of effort."
Posted on the DRF Instagram. Sounds like a pretty important event for Mary for it not to have been on the calendar and post about apparently days later. But, alas...I've given up trying to figure out why Mary's events keep getting left off the calendar...only can speculate...but here we are:

Being invited to the Home of the American Ambassador, meeting with MIT people and seemingly working with the Crown Princess Mary Center seems like a pretty important engagement.

No wonder the royal blog bean counters at the end of the year claim Mary has low engagement and work day numbers.
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Glad we got some pictures and mention of this gathering.

"At the discussion, there was a common interest to create a good framework for innovative research and cross-institutional cooperation as well as to suggest common solutions to social problems, which is also a central objective of the Crown Princess Mary Center."
Despite the Queen's surgery, the CP couple's agenda continues to be very light, in fact, there's nothing scheduled for CP Mary for this and next week. Possible that she recently flew to Australia, maybe there's something going on in there?
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Despite the Queen's surgery, the CP couple's agenda continues to be very light, in fact, there's nothing scheduled for CP Mary for this and next week. Given that she recently flew to Australia, maybe there's something going on in there?

Other than the family’s Christmas visit when again did CP Mary fly to Australia?
Other than the family’s Christmas visit when again did CP Mary fly to Australia?

Fixed my message as I realized it was worded in the wrong way, I meant that perhaps CP Mary flew to Australia, otherwise I don't understand why her schedule is empty for 2 weeks.:ermm:
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My guess is still that she is doing some sort of studying, whether that is academically or with someone.
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