Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 17: September 2016 - September 2017

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Although I like the dress., I was referring to the strapless gown she was wearing!! Drop dead gorgeous!
The ball gown I have mixed feelings. Her styling is stunning and the cut of the dress is amazing on her. But I find the pattern too much on her.

Of her three evening looks, the green one is my favourite by and far. The color and style really suit Mary.
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The green dress is lovely and different, but it's not my favorite of the three. Her hair and makeup are flawless.
Breathtaking... Thanks for sharing.
:previous::previous:yes, thank you, what a fabulous picture of both of them. . Plus, now I can see all the gathers of the skirt in the rear that make the great fish tail. A very well made and flattering to Mary gown.
The olive green sleeveless dress is very nice too, perfect for the occasion, a little dressy but still professional. Any Id on that dress?
Day 3 in USA:

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik attend a Business Networking Dinner last night:

Mary looking great in a (new?) green dress.
In the third picture, the man at lower left center with his hand by his face grinning at Freddie who is smiling at Mary. :lol::blush:
I noticed him too! I'm not sure whether he was entertained, charmed, aamazed or envious looking at Fred's happiness and willingness to show his love and pride in his wife so openly.
I think he was all of the above and rightly so!!
The green dress is a nice shade on Mary but the print on the hips seem too wide.
i am not a fan of that olive-coloured dress. i don't think that colour is nice on anyone to be very honest.
as I previously thought, Mary indeed recycled a dress from October 2014 for tonight's Kronprinsparrets Priser. I'm not totally thrilled by these kinds of dresses, but she looks lovely. And she's wearing my favorite earrings!
:previous: I have mixed feeling about this dress, though Mary looks very stylish and elegant - as per usual! :p
I think it looks great on Mary not many people could wear it.

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The look is very beautiful and elegant. I love the skirt.
The top part is unflattering and old, its a nice style off the shoulders but the cross isn't. The lace pumps dont work with this look. Mary's skirt is lovely and so is her hair and makeup.
Mary was so stunning and beautiful yesterday!!

And Frederik of course because if i say something different i upset some another member here very beloved to me ;):):flowers: and i don't want to!!
Although this isn't my favorite outfit, Mary still looks elegant and beautiful. I love the skirt. (And Frederik sure seems to agree!). :)
I'm not seeing lace pumps. Am I looking at the wrong pictures?
I'm not seeing lace pumps. Am I looking at the wrong pictures?

not really. She wore blue heels with last nights outfit. She wore the lace heels with the outfit in 2014.
I love the skirt, it's precious. I agree about the top looking old-fashioned, I don't like it, neither the lace pumps.

I thought the top chosen for the photo shoot was much better:
agreed. And thank you for reminding me of that photo shoot. I thought she had worn it with a different top, but didn't go back far enough.
I have to admit I vastly prefer the top from the photo shoot. It has a soft flowing look that picks up the black in the skirt and so looks very feminine. The "bandage" top is very modern, very cutting edge and very unflattering.
very pretty look. the skirt is beautiful, especially the tone of blue
and to top it off, a handsome Frederik by her side ;)
The dress is beautiful and the color gorgeous, but her hair isn't the best. I think it's the middle part that makes it look off to me.
I find the dress beautiful. I love the style and color.
very nice dress, the color is beautiful
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