Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 19: October 2012 - February 2013

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I think this is very chic! There's no problem with the fit, and the bottom is a very flattering cut.
Nice co-ordination of colour and a well tailored and flattering cut.

Love the heels. I have a pair by Christian Dior which appear very similar (from what I can tell).
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Really lovely the royal almost navy blue is great ... but I really do not like black pearls but that's just me....
I think the outfit fits properly. Love the whole look. Especially the hat is great.
The suit is pretty for the season, but I don't think the colours of hat/shoes and suit go together. And generally I don't like these huge hats where half of the face is covered and/or that go really high up like this one, it looks almost comical to me :ermm:
I love these kind of hats but everyone has his or her personal preference. :)
Yes they do :flowers: It would be boring if everyone was wearing the same clothes, wouldn't it :)
I like the outfit and the hat and heels are perfect
I love the whole outfit. Mary is perfection
The outfit is refined. As usually Crown Princess Mary does a good recycling her wardrobe.
I love that coat. I'd love it better if a similar one hung in my closet. Don't know for what or to where I'd wear it, but it's one elegant piece of clothing. The hat adds a nice touch.
Perfection. Perfect fit of the coat, she is very slim to wear a self same belted coat, great length and flare to the skirt. Love the strong blue carried through on the hat, clutch, gloves and shoes.
Mary is always good as such events, pulling off the regal look. Love her outfit!
I have always liked that coat for autumn/winter wear. And the colour of the hat and shoes is just gorgeous!
She looks great! And I love the scarf. Very nice.
Nice, simple suit. I like the scarf.
She looks great!
The suit has always been a favorite, I like the scarf with the look.
She looks lovely in this white suit and scarf. And the shoes are wonderful with the outfit.
This outfit doesn't float my boat. Don't like the colour and its not very feminine looking in my opinion.
I like it. She looks good today.
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Love the white suit with the plum accented scardf and accessories
I like the scarf that Mary paired up with the white suit. It brightens the look.
Love the white suit with the purple accessories.
You are probably already aware of this but here we go anyway:

Billed Bladet #43, 2012 informs us that the clutch Mary wore to the church wedding in Luxembourg is from Naledi and made from snake skin.
Her shoes were from Prada.
Love the outfit.
Very princess like.
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