Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 17: May 2012 - August 2012

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Beautiful dress and shoes! She looks very nice.
I love this dress. So pretty. I think this is the 3rd time we are seeing it. Not that I mind......
Very interesting dress, I like the look. Especially those shoes! I think they match well.
Never been a big fan of the dress... sure she has worn it before and not crazy about the colour of the shoes but I love the shoes themselves.
I think is a very delicate and feminine dress, and I love the colour. The shoes are beautiful.

Crown Princess Mary at The European Inventor Award 2012 in Copenhagen today, June 14, wearing a summer
dress with an interesting print:

** Full view ** Close up **

I love the lace dress. It's very pretty on Mary.

First pictures from the State Visit!

COPENHAGEN 2012-06-14. Queen Margrethe of Denmark receives Chinas President Hu Jintao as he arrives for a state visit to Denmark. Also present were Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and Prince Joachim.

Mary looks lovey & at her best, the outfit is recycled

Elegant and sophisticated. I like.
I love the dress! Not sure I like the pale pink on Mary, but I sure like the style of the jacket.
Very nice, I love these state visits. They bring out the best for them. Nice outfit, always loved this pale pink jacket worn with brooch. Purse and gloves seem to be in a weird shade but ok.
I personally would have loved this look if the dress was pink or purple. The shoes, gloves and hat are very beautiful!
Love the blue asian-inspired dress, loved the coral earrings she wore w/it in DC back in 2010.
Interesting gray and pink outfit today. Love the t-strap shoes and full skirt.
Don't like the color of gloves and purse w/outfit, not sure what color would work.
Although the white blouse has never been a personal favorite I rather liked it paired with the tweed skirt - it created a very simple but elegant and sophisticated and feminine look. I am not as keen on the print dress, but Mary does wear it very well, and I love the shoes! She looked very polished yet pretty in the gray and pink.
I love this outfit especially a dress (I think that she wore this dress at balcony scene on CP Frederik's 40 birthday) and this shoes!
Here, Mary reminds me the old Mary from the beginning of a marriage - she looks younger than she is :)

the dress is from hugo boss. she wore a similar dress at the balcony scene on CP Frederik's 40 birthday - but not this. this dress was worn on the christening of josephine flemming's child.
I don't remember having seen this dress before, but I like it. Especially the colour with that pale pink jacket. These two colours just go well together.
The greeting outfit was appropiate for the occasion I like her in pink.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark greeted the Chinese President and his wife during their visit to Rosenborg Palace today.
Mary wore a beautiful red dress with red shoes, clutch and a white cardigan.

- The outfit 1
- The outfit 2
Another skirt that is too tight across the thighs. Beautiful outfit and cardigan.
Thank you for the images, I'd love to see something closer
I love the outfit! The red dress and the cardigan are very lovely. I absolutely love the shoes!
Very pretty dress and cardigan. It does look as if it's pulling around the hip area:0
Love it. The red dress and white cardigan look great on Mary. She looks very sophisticated and elegant.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark greeted the Chinese President and his wife during their visit to Rosenborg Palace today.
Mary wore a beautiful red dress with red shoes, clutch and a white cardigan.

- The outfit 1
- The outfit 2

The dress looks too tight (again) and the cardigan looks too small (again).
Mary looks really lovely in that outfit, very appropriate for the occasion and very elegant.
Very elegant outfit, I like it. But the dress does look a little too tight.
I like the dress but it looks too tight - another cardi, no comment.
I love this outfit. Mary looks good in red. The red shoes look great too!
June 19, 2012 - Mary in white pants matched with a t-shirt with big shoulder pads and printed cap sleeves.

View 1 ** View 2

The big shoulder pads were in fashion about a season or two ago. I don't mind the big shoulder pads, they're different but I don't like the fact its on a t-shirt. This would be a nice look for having lunch out with the girls and wanted to wear a cool top but I'm not liking it for an official event.
I don't like this; the combination is odd. The pants are lovely but the top is much more casual and made of a t-shirt looking material.
The outfit is fine but it's those things on the sleeves that I don't like.
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