Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 17: May 2012 - August 2012

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:previous: Simply LOVE the latest look, and the fact that she's being escorted by two boys, who are more than likely having the time of their lives, walking with a real princess :D.
June 6, 2012 - Mary in a black skirt, grey top and a red tweed jacket (recycled) with black boots. She looks great though its quite dark.

Full view ** Close up

I love the sweater and jacket. These are wonderful pictures of Mary! I love the little boy who is linking arms with her.
Like the whole outfit, especially that the boots are not heels!
I like both of her latest looks really smart.
Both look great. Outfit #2 is beautiful. Love the skirt!
Love the way Mary dresses. Fashionable & tasteful at the same time
Love outfit 2, it very elegant! Especially that skirt!
I love both looks. The skirt is simply gorgeous.
Both looks are great. Love the sneakers on the first.
She is looking very slim.
Mary looked amazing at both events! She is certainly able to wear both the casual and more formal very well. The skirt and top was an especially lovely look, I thought.
I really enjoy seeing Mary in casual clothes, and I like this alot. But that gorgeous skirt is my favourite , and looks really lovely.
Great looks! The casual was ideal for the event, i do like stripped t-shirts with jeans.
The send outfit, beautiful skirt.
It is the first time we see Princess Mary wearing Moncler...Once I put a post saying that Moncler is now such a VIP brand so we will soon see Princess Mary with it...and if this year we saw her in a Napapiriji jacket during her snow holidays next year we will see her in a Moncler jacket for sure! She is a such a "brand" women...:whistling:
Very lovely and elegant oufit, I like it. I love the classic nude shoes.
Beautiful Classic Outfit , Suits Princess Mary Well , She Looks Nice .
Mary looks nice and appropriate for the engagement.
She has that skirt for even a longer time.
IIRC she wore it already in 2004, before she became a princess (opening of ARoS Museum).
I never liked the skirt but I love the top.

Crown Princess Mary at The European Inventor Award 2012 in Copenhagen today, June 14, wearing a summer
dress with an interesting print:

** Full view ** Close up **
Gorgeous shoes and nice dress.
Very flattering color and length on the dress-shoes are a nice accent for the killer legs;)! She looks very polished without seeming dull or overdone.
I like her outfits. She looked very nice.
She can recylce a lot, she has many wonderful outfits that are modern, so she couldn't not buy new things for a long time :whistling:and still be very fashion.
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