Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 16: March 2012 - May 2012

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Although I am not a handbag expert like others on this board, I wonder whether this particular bag is actually the Alexander McQueen with the skull like clasp.
I'm glad you posted gerry. I have mistaken the handbag for another. This is not the bag Mary purchased in Australia.
This is not a favorite look for me. I like the skirt paired with a black jacket, but I am not sure about this particular jacket - I agree with other posters, it does resemble an exercise jacket. I also think it should have been matched with black shoes and purse, and the brooch should have been positioned slightly higher. But she did look very clean and professional.
Love the outfit, but if you're going to do the black and white thing do it all the way through the outfit not with a plum bag and shoes.

Yes, having looked again, I agree. I didnt see the purple shoes at first attempt.
I like this. Elegant with some sparkle. Mary has not been wearing enough jewels for me this year. So I will overlook everything since she wore her beautiful Jensen flower brooch.
I also like the outfit. She looks great.
Some details of the last look which I like very much. The skirt is perfect on her.

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After seeing these latest pics, I agree that she looks very smart and chic in this outfit. The skirt is not too tight at all and I am liking the burgundy purse and shoes, although I still would have preferred black. lol I love the daisy brooch!
Thank you for the link Stephanievl; glad that Mary only opted for the blouse; I like the pattern as a change from solid colours but both parts of this outfit would have been too busy.
May 10, 2012 - Crown Princess Mary on the first day of the official visit to South Korea.

Full Length ** Close-up ** Close-up **

The overall look is nice (I love yellow, so the colour gets a :D), but the way the waist is structured that looks a little odd.
I like the dress, however, I wouldnt have paired yellow with beige. Mary looks stunning, I absolutely love her hat.
Me too., it reminds me of the opening of Parliament in Oct last year...
I think the dress looks so wrong on her, colour, shape and material.
I don´t think the Jackie O look works on her, it somehow looks very costume-like, IMO.
A+ for me, this is IMO the best Princess Mary has looked in a while. Really pretty! Good color and great hat!
Lovely, beautiful and elegant summer dress. Both the style and colouring suit Mary a lot. :)
The accessories - the bag, the shoes and the gloves - are well chosen too.
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I little prim but mostly regal and elegant.
Nice summerly dress; however I like the hat better when she wears her hair up.
Mary just does not suit this shade of yellow, the colour is just so underwhelming. The shoes, gloves and hat clash horribly with the dress.

I hate it when people wear gloves with short sleeved dresses. It reminds me of a snooker referee who wear gloves to polish the balls and make sure they don't get dirty.
Billed-Bladet - Billeder: Mary og Frederik i Seoul

CPC's arrival in South Korea at the beginning of the gallery :) Nice outfit, but this bag... due to the color it doesn't match to this clothes...
Mary looks tired - maybe due to change in time zones...

Billed-Bladet - Billeder: Mary og Frederik i Seoul --> is it HERMES BIRKIN (bag), isn't it?

I dont get the blue bag either. I like Mary's wedges (Kate has the same shoes). Not fond of this outfit, the blouse (lovely colour) tucked into the pants, it looks unflattering around the waistline.
An ill-fitted dress and quite a matronly look in general. Just look at her upper arms, not so flattering. ;)

This dress fit her, but we are simply accustomed to the narrow dresses on her :)
The more and more I see this photos CP Mary reminds me Jackie Kennedy Onassis ;)
She looks great but yellow is not her color.
The yellow dress is lovely on Mary, although I would like the sleeves just a bit longer. Her hat is wonderful!
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